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New Moon

Sunday January 2, 2022



     DECEMBER 21, 2021

Modern Yule logs typically hold three candles. The color of the candles could be red, green and white to represent "season;" green, gold and black to represent the "Sun God;" and white, red and black to represent the "Great Goddess." The goddess colors represent the goddess "in her three aspects -- maiden, mother, and crone." The log's candles may be green, red and silver or white to "represent the Oak King, the Holly King, and the Goddess; or white, red, and black to represent the Triple Goddess.

Dark Moon

Thursday December 2, 2021

Take a few deep breaths.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Become aware of the night around you, listen to the noises of the dark.

 You see a path stretched out before you.  It is illuminated by a lantern held in your hand. 

It is a familiar path.  Step onto it.  As you begin to walk forward, become aware of the path beneath your feet. 

It is made of dark black stones of obsidian..... In the light of the lantern the path glistens silver. 

Travel down this path, down ....down..... deeper and deeper.....walking along the  path....until you come to a crossroad.

Here at the crossroad Hecate awaits you.

Here at the crossroad you can see, sense, or feel the Ancient One, the Crone Goddess standing in front of you. 

She holds out Her hand and you take it.

Here at the crossroad, where the path that you are one is met by two intersecting paths, you have a choice to make....

All paths reach out to you.  Which one will you choose?

They are all enticing and all promise something that you need.

They all sparkle and shine before you. 

Ask Hecate for help in choosing.

Here at the place where the paths intersect Hecate sits and motions for you to sit next to Her. 

Become aware of the power of the intersecting paths vibrating beneath you.  Relax.....

Take a deep breath and feel the vibrations in your body.......

.Feel the energy of the Earth Mother.

The vibrations increase so that they are like gusts of wind sweeping through you. 

They engulf you, surround you, hold you.....

The strong vibration energy will help you on your journey tonight.....

You let go of everything,......all thoughts, feelings, all doings. 

A sense of peace surrounds you as you remember that Hecate is with you should you need any assistance........

The winds envelope you, and you begin to fly with them. 

They take you swinging from side to side, then up, up, up. 

Hecate flies with you, higher and higher.

She suggests that you notice the paths below you.  The crisscross patterns of shining silver threads spread out below, like a large web. 

Many paths, twisting and turning, as they cross and re-cross each other.  A giant web that is your life path. 

Thousands and thousands of tiny paths, crossing and forming the patterns of your life's choices. 

Tiny lines now, as you float above them.  They seem small and insignificant, just paths, just possibilities, just choices. 

As you look around, you see other webs all around you.....

Some threads passing right through your web, some close enough that you could reach out and touch them. 

These are not yours to walk upon.......

As you float above your web, you see that these paths that are ever so close to yours, are someone else's paths to walk.

You focus on your own web, with all it's intersecting paths and all the many ways that you may travel around it........

see the tiny threads that crisscross in wondrous complexity to make up the patterns of your web. 

Your life..............


The winds die down and you gently float back towards the ground.  You are back at the crossroads with Hecate. 

Hecate takes your hand and leads you back up the path of obsidian, up....up....up the path you walk, feeling energized and  relaxed.....feeling calm and centered. 

With each step you feel the Earth's energies mingling with yours, until you reach the end of the path. 

Back where you started.

Hecate embraces you and you thank Her for the gifts of perspective and clarity. 

You give Her a token of gratitude.

She turns and is gone, back into the night with Her hounds.......

Take a deep breath and as you exhale start to bring some awareness back into your body. 

Take a few more deep breaths.....when you are ready open your eyes.

Created by Hazel (Bless her Soul)



October 31, 2021

As the darkness now draws near

See the cycle of the year

As the Light now goes within

Let the Hallows Dance begin!

Dark Moon

Tuesday October 5, 2021

Moon in Libra

Entrance Door Protection Talisman

This doorstep with its welcome ways
Be guarded by a shield of rays

To guard this home by day and night
Protect this door with rays of light.

The aura left by herb and spell,
Will safely seal

this entrance well.

Dried Apple – Healing

Dried Pear - Love

Star Anise – Luck Bringer

Dried Tomato – Protection



September 22, 2021

Mabon is a good time to reflect upon, and appreciate the previous year. Because of the theme of balance, ideas of Karma, justice and tying up loose ends are appropriate.






 Celebrating and being thankful is amplified at the full moon.

The worshipping of the Full Moon can have positive effects on your body, and can help you to manifest your future wants and wishes.

New Moon August 9, 2021  Virgo

The new moon takes place when the sun and the moon align along the same astrological angle. In metaphysics, it is said that when the sun and moon attach in this way. It is the masculine energy of the sun uniting with the feminine energy of the moon.

The new moon is a great time to plant new seeds i.e. set new intentions and breathe life into areas of our lives that seem to be declining or are on a plateau.

The opportunity that the new moon offers is incredibly powerful. At this time, you want to be very clear and very careful about how and what you ask for.

Therefore, at the new moon, as you set your intentions for the things you want to manifest, be sure to ask that these things come to you in a happy and healthy way and that they bring you nothing but joy. With Harm to None.



August 1, 2021

Great Mother and Great Father

Please bless us, and these symbols of

The bounty of your Earth.

May they remind us of

The ever-turning wheel

And the cycle of

Death and renewal

That is the dance of life.

Full Moon

Friday, July 23, 2021

Great Spirit of Light, come to me out of the East with the power of the rising sun.

Let there be light in my words, let there be light on my path that I walk.

Let me remember always that you give the gift of a new day.

And never let me be burdened with sorrow by not starting over again.

Hail and Welcome!

Great Spirit of Creation, send me the warm and soothing winds from the South.

Comfort me and caress me when I am tired and cold.

Unfold me like the gentle breezes that unfold the leaves on the trees.

As you give to all the earth your warm, moving wind, give to me, so that I may grow close to you in warmth.

Hail and Welcome!


Great Life-Giving Spirit, I face the West the direction of sundown.

Let me remember every day that the moment will come when my sun will go down.

Never let me forget that I must fade into you.

Give me a beautiful color, give me a great sky for setting, during this time.

Hail and Welcome!


Great Spirit of Love, come to me with the power of the North.

Make me courageous when the cold wind falls upon me.

Give me strength and endurance for everything that is harsh,

everything that hurts, everything that makes me squint.

Let me move through life ready to take what comes from the north.

Hail and Welcome!


Dark Moon

July 8, 2021

The Dark Moon in the watery sign of Cancer helps us explore our emotions in depth.  We began feeling emotions in the watery depths of the womb, nestled close to our mother’s hearts. 

We have all experienced happiness, joy, anger, fear, love, hate, and disappointment. 

Our training in how we handle our emotions, begins as soon as we are born.


Litha Sabbat

Monday June 21, 2021

Fairy Invitation Ritual

Color of the day: Blue
Incense of the day: Lavender

To invite fairy creatures into your yard, try showing them the way. Choose a smooth surface, like a patch of bare earth or a patio, and lay out a circle of fairy footprints, that is,make a stencil by cutting tiny footprint shapes in a piece of paper. Lay the paper on the ground, and sprinkle it with sugar or some powdered milk. Then move the paper along, and keep repeating until you have a full circle. Put a few flower petals in the center. As you work be sure to sing appropriate words, such as:

Little folk of flashing wing,
little folk of dancing feet,
hear my words to you and bring
blessings with you when we meet.

Fairies love music and flowers. They especially enjoy dancing in circles. Give them this simple hint, and see what happens.
By: Elizabeth Barrette

Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day 2004-03-27


Dark Moon

June 9, 2021

“Dark Maiden Hecate, who carries the keys to the realm below and leads the indwelling souls’ way.
Great Mistress, who guards the gates of worlds between.
By the Stars of the Dark Heavens and the Shadow of the Moon!
By your Mysteries held in the depths of Blackest Night!
Still within this place of Darkness, I evoke you, Torch-bearing lover of Shadow!
Rise up from the Underworld, with spectral hound and haunting Shade,
To receive your evening meal and wander the blessed Night!
Bestow your gift of nocturnal wisdom upon the brow of your devotee!
Guide my earthly feet along your moonless road, that I may know clarity and strength of soul.
As restless spirits gather at the crossroads, I entreat you, Tender-Hearted Hecate,
To graciously pour down your blessings that we may carry your protection,
And reveal your secrets that keep the promise of hope within the darkness.”


Full Moon

Wednesday May 26, 2021

The moon begins her ascent from the horizon in a graceful, majestic arc—soft luminous light flooding the landscape below.

 As she rises in the heavens, pulsing beams of radiant moonlight waken and transform the world far below her. 

Light and energy streaming from her toward earth intensify as she approaches the zenith of her nightly journey.

Within this matrix of light-energy, a form begins to coalesce, slowly and indistinctly at first, then quickly gaining focus and definition. 

The Moon Goddess materializes with breathtaking clarity and radiant beauty— compassion and unconditional love radiating from the core of Her being.

Descending from the higher spiritual realms into the physical world, She arrives to bestow Her blessings, guidance, and healing grace. 

With outstretched arms and upturned palms, the Holy Goddess—manifestation of the Divine Feminine—welcomes us. 

Surrounded by a magnificent aura of crystalline white light, tinged in azure blue, She brings balance, harmony, and grace to all beings.

Simply experiencing Her dazzling qualities has transformative powers, creating a deep sense of calm, and inner peace.

She sees all things within us and in return She helps us see the wholeness, perfection, and grace of the Divine within ourselves. 

In Her presence, every heart is open, every secret and shortcoming is revealed, every need is known and we are accepted and embraced exactly as we are. 

As we are seen through Her eyes and felt through Her heart, we are touched by Her unconditional love and compassion at the deepest levels of our souls. 

The Moon Goddess moves through sacred time and space, joining us in the material world to impart Her gift of Grace

Through Her guidance we are led on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment

In Her presence we are able to more clearly see and understand the greater cosmic cycles and celestial events governing our lives 

With Her we can master the unseen spiritual forces of the supernatural realm and align ourselves with the material and spiritual worlds

She is able to help us find our source of inner strength, focus, and determination and lead us to greater joy and inner peace 

With soft and gentle eyes and a nurturing healing touch, She reaches out to let us know “You are my beloved.”

Otto John Kralovec III has 35 years’ experience studying and practicing with Native American and Maya spiritual leaders and shamans and is an accomplished teacher, healer, and author.

New Moon

May 13, 2021



I honor my Sky Journey

I honor my Earth Walk

I offer myself to the East

I receive the gifts of the East and give them

back to the Earth, through my body

I give of myself to the East, fully through my heart

I carry the gifts of the East and offer them to the West

I take the gifts of the West and give them to the South

I honor my Sky Journey

I honor my Earth Walk

I offer myself to the South

I receive the gifts of the South and give them back

to the Earth, through my body

I give of myself to the South, fully through my heart

I carry the gifts of the South and offer them to the North

I take the gifts of the North and give them to the West

I honor my Sky Journey

I honor my Earth Walk

I offer myself to the West

I receive the gifts of the West and give them back,

to the Earth, through my body

I give of myself to the West, fully through my heart

I carry the gifts of the West and offer them to the East

I take the gifts of the East and give them to the North

I honor my Sky Journey

I honor my Earth Walk

I offer myself to the North

I receive the gifts of the North and give them

back to the Earth, through my body

I give of myself to the North, fully through my heart

I carry the gifts of the North and offer them to the South

I take the gifts of the South and give them to the East

Blessed Be...





Saturday May 01, 2021

The wheel is turning towards the sun.  This is a time when light triumphs over darkness, a season for new beginnings and freedom.  It is said that now the Lord of the Sun reaches a gentle hand to the Maiden Moon.  As the bouquet of spring rains fill the air, the two begin to waltz together.  As they move over the land, the first spring flowers break through the Earth and bloom beneath their feet.  Wherever they travel, hopelessness becomes delight and dark clouds are hurled away to bring glorious warmth.  Join in their happiness, as the earth is reborn with the dawn! 



New Moon

April 12, 2021



Full Moon

March 29, 2021

The closer you become to nature, the more likely you are to draw the attention of the Faeries who inhabit the area where you are spending time. It could be that you will become one of those who helps to heal Mother Earth or protect her from those who wish her harm. Perhaps once the Fair Folk realize you truly care about the Great Mother, they will choose to make themselves known to you. In any event, you will never know unless you go outside and greet the Mother.




March 20, 2021

Like Mithras and Eostre 

reborn from death,

Light return again to the land,

springing up as the snow melts away.

As the soil warms and the days grow longer,

dew forms along new sprouts of grass,

bringing life back.

Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!

And rise!

Let the earth come to life again,

          and welcome the light of spring!



New Moon

Saturday March 13, 2021

                                      We all come from the Goddess                                         

And to Her we shall return

Like a drop of rain

Flowing to the ocean


We all come from the one God

And to Him we shall return

Like a spark of fire

Reaching for the open sky


We all come from one

and to one we shall return

Like a ray of light

Reaching for infinity


Hoof and horn hoof and horn

Those who die shall be reborn

Corn and grain corn and grain

Those who fall shall rise again


Sage and crone sage and crone

Wisdom's gift shall be our own

Crone and sage crone and sage

Wisdom is the gift of age


Full Moon (Snow Moon)

February 27, 2021

Oh great Goddess, mother of mercy and healing

Send the energy of Hygeia to nourish from her sacred bowl  

Send the energy of Brigid to heal with waters of her Sacred Well

Send the energy of Demeter to restore life to withering cells

Send the energy of Quan Yin to bless the healing with peace

Send your healing wisdom to the body to restore its sacred balance

Thank you Great Goddess, Mother of All Life.  

So Mote it Be!

(Writer Unknown )



Image result for wiccan dedication ritual


Rosemary's Dedication Ritual

New Moon February 11, 2021

Witches past and present I draw down your power,

To awaken my wisdom upon this new hour.

Empowerment is mine as I seize my birthright,

Potions and cauldrons are no cause for fright!

I rise up and harness my wisdom deep,

There are journeys to take and secrets to keep.

Invoke the magic to bind us as one

By sacred enchantment, united, it's done!


 Flavia Kate Peters

Link Rosemary's Bio




February 2 2021




Imbolc, in the Celtic seasonal calendar marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. It is Feile Brighde, the 'quickening of the year'. The original word Imbolg means 'in the belly'. All is pregnant and expectant - and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a 'just-showing' pregnancy. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life's insatiable appetite for rebirth.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings. This can be done in numerous ways, from spring cleaning your home to clearing the mind and heart to allow inspiration to enter for the new cycle. ('Spring cleaning was originally a nature ritual' - Doreen Valiente). It's a good time for wish-making or making a dedication. She is a Goddess of healing, poetry and smith craft. She is a Goddess of Fire, of the Sun and of the Hearth. She brings fertility to the land and its people and is closely connected to midwives and new-born babies. She is the Triple Goddess, but at Imbolc she is in her Maiden aspect.

Dark Moon Hecate Meditation

Jan 11, 2021


Take a few deep breaths.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Become aware of the night around you, listen to the noises of the dark.

 You see a path stretched out before you.  It is illuminated by a lantern held in your hand.  It is a familiar path.  Step onto it.  As you begin to walk forward, become aware of the path beneath your feet.  It is made of dark black stones of obsidian..... In the light of the lantern the path glistens silver. 

Travel down this path, down ....down..... deeper and deeper.....walking along the  path....until you come to a crossroad.

Here at the crossroad Hecate awaits you.

Here at the crossroad you can see, sense, or feel the Ancient One, the Crone Goddess standing in front of you.  She holds out Her hand and you take it.

Here at the crossroad, where the path that you are one is met by two intersecting paths, you have a choice to make.... All paths reach out to you.  Which one will you choose?

They are all enticing and all promise something that you need.

They all sparkle and shine before you. 

Ask Hecate for help in choosing.

Here at the place where the paths intersect Hecate sits and motions for you to sit next to Her.  Become aware of the power of the intersecting paths vibrating beneath you.  Relax........

Take a deep breath and feel the vibrations in your body......... .Feel the energy of the Earth Mother.

The vibrations increase so that they are like gusts of wind sweeping through you.  The engulf you, surround you, hold you......

The strong vibration energy will help you on your journey tonight......

You let go of everything,......all thoughts, feelings, all doings.  A sense of peace surrounds you as you remember that Hecate is with you should you need any assistance....................

The winds envelope you, and you begin to fly with them.  They take you swinging from side to side, then up, up, up.  Hecate flies with you, higher and higher.

She suggests that you notice the paths below you.  The crisscross patterns of shining silver threads spread out below, like a large web.  Many paths, twisting and turning, as they cross and re-cross each other.  A giant web that is your life path.  Thousands and thousands of tiny paths, crossing and forming the patterns of your life's choices.  Tiny lines now, as you float above them.  They seem small and insignificant, just paths, just possibilities, just choices.  As you look around, you see other webs all around you..... Some threads passing right through your web, some close enough that you could reach out and touch them.  These are not yours to walk upon....... As you float above your web, you see that these paths that are ever so close to yours, are someone else's paths to walk.

You focus on your own web, with all it's intersecting paths and all the many ways that you may travel around it..........see the tiny threads that crisscross in wondrous complexity to make up the patterns of your web.  Your life..........................

The winds die down and you gently float back towards the ground.  You are back at the crossroads with Hecate.  Hecate takes your hand and leads you back up the path of obsidian, up....up....up the path you walk, feeling energized and  relaxed.....feeling calm and centered.  With each step you feel the Earth's energies mingling with yours, until you reach the end of the path.  Back where you started.

Hecate embraces you and you thank Her for the gifts of perspective and clarity. 

You give Her a token of gratitude.

She turns and is gone, back into the night with Her hounds.......

Take a deep breath and as you exhale start to bring some awareness back into your body.  Take a few more deep breaths.....when you are ready open your eyes.


Created by Hazel

                        "Bless Your Beautiful Spirit, Hazel"




December 29, 2020 Full Moon – The Cold Moon


The Fearn (Fair-Un) or Alder Month, is December 27 – January 23 and marks the beginning of the Celtic Solar Year. Nobility, strength and great competency are seen in the alder; it is said to represent deep winter. Alder hold both male and female powers, and is good for balance.


In deep winter, we like to come indoors and get all cozy and comfy. It is a time to go within, to sleep and dream, read, write, and rest. We long to bring light into the dark.







Monday December 21, 2020

It is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  And yet, in the midst of the dark, and the cold, we have hope.  Because on this day, also known as Yule, we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, born as the infant child of the Goddess, she who is mother of us all.  

We gather together and raise our voices in joyous harmony and together we kindle a light in the darkness.  So it has always been and so it will always be. 

Our ancestors, and those of many cultures across the world, observed this day with a special reverence, knowing that it marked the beginning of the slow return of the light.  

Yes, even as we plunge into winter, we look ahead to spring, knowing that the Wheel of the Year will turn and bring us back to warmth and sunlight.  

Until that time comes, we will create our own warmth and light---the warmth of love and the light of friendship—and find solace in our faith and in our community, even as our ancestors did.




Which Animal Is Your Familiar? | HowStuffWorks


Dark Moon

Familiar Spirit Meditation

December 13, 2020


The dark phase of the Moon is a time for inward reflection.  

What’s a Familiar Spirit?  We all know what a physical Witches Familiar is; the word conjures up a black cat or a raven. 

A Spirit Familiar is a nonphysical entity that takes the form of an animal, bird or even insect.  Once you meet and begin to develop a relationship with your Spirit Familiar it will become a magickal ally and mediator between the worlds.  Your Spirit Familiar will accompany you during meditation path-working, increase your psychic abilities, warn and protect you and become your magickal partner.




Full Moon -November 30, 2020



Hail to the spirits that dwell in the East.

The power of Air and the gifts of intellect and knowledge. welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night.
Hail and welcome

Hail to the spirits that dwell in the South. The power of Fire and the gifts of passion and desire. We welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night.
Hail and welcome.


Hail to the spirits that dwell in the West. The power of Water and the gifts of emotion and cleansing. We welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night.
Hail and welcome.


Hail to the spirits that dwell in the North. The power of Earth and the gifts of growth and strength. We welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night.
Hail and welcome.



New Moon – November 14, 2020

Diwali Celebration




Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Diwali, which for some also coincides with harvest and new year celebrations, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness.




October 31, 2020



As the darkness now draws near

See the cycle of the year

As the Light now goes within

Let the Hallows Dance begin!


Fire red, summer's dead

Yet it shall return.

Clear and bright, in the night

Burn, fire, burn!As the darkness now draws near

See the cycle of the year

As the Light now goes within

Let the Hallows Dance begin!


Fire red, summer's dead

Yet it shall return.

Clear and bright, in the night

Burn, fire, burn!





Full Moon Esbat

September 30, 2020

Close your eyes…..breathe……..take a few breaths to center yourself..…being aware of your you open your mind’s eye, you see that you are standing on a path.  A path with gardens on either side, you can’t see what is growing in the gardens, but you can see that there is great abundance. As you look into the distance, you can see a forest connected to your pathway.  You walk towards the forest………………………… you enter it, you see a fallen log with a cloaked and hooded woman on it.  She turns to look at you, and you find her oddly familiar.  She invites you to sit down and join her on the log as she has some questions for you.  

She asks you how you use your mind – do you focus on good thoughts and experiences or do you tend to see the negative?  Do you use your brain as a muscle?  Do you challenge it to keep it young and growing?  Allow yourself to use your imagination and let it soar.  Let it uncover mysteries and allow it to fall in love again…….with yourself. 

Bring yourself back to sit again with the lady on the log.  She asks you how you feel about your body.  Does it do the things that you want it to do?  Is it a reliable body?  Remember your body at its best.  Are there things that you wish that you could do with it?  Settle in to it.  Notice any heaviness or pain.  Breathe love into not only those areas, but all of your body.  See your body well and happy doing the things you want it to do.  

Bring yourself back to sit again with the lady on the log.  Quietly she asks you how you feed your spirit.  How do you recharge your batteries?  What gives you joy and what fills you up?  When are you at your happiest?  Is it a place?  A feeling?  See yourself whole and happy doing what gives you the greatest joy. 

Bring yourself back to sit again with the lady on the log.  As you sit together the familiarity you feel towards her grows.  As if she can read your mind, she looks at you and says “I am you – the fulfilled you – full in mind, body, and spirit.  The happiest and most content version of you.  I am here to show you that this aspect of you exists.  Together we know the way and together we are strong.”  She opens her cloak to expand around both of you and you rise in a spiral, dancing in the crisp autumn sky under the glow of the full moon, your mind body and spirit flying free. 

Gently you touch down on the ground, beside the log.  The lady is no longer visible to you, but you understand that she is now in you – as she always has been.  She has left you her cloak and as you put it on, you hear her whisper “Blessed Be”. 

You turn away from the log now and return on the path back to the garden.  On your way the full moon lights your path and as you approach the garden you see the abundance of blessings that are in your life.  Each plant seems to hold a blessing.  As you gaze over the garden, you give gratitude for your blessings. 

Slowly, you begin to close your mind’s eye and to feel yourself come back into your body……wiggling your fingers and your toes and doing whatever else you need to do to return to this place and time.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Created by Oshun Rose



Mabon Sabbat

September 23, 2020

Stang (Magickal Tool) ConsecrationFull Moon, September 1, 2020


What is Consecration?

All humans hold the power of Consecration in their hands. Consecration has two basic purposes. The first is to set the tool or substance aside as something special. The second purpose is magickal! Every material object has a body on the other levels of existence, and just as the material object itself can be altered (carved, decorated, moistened etc.) without changing its identity, so also can its astral body be altered by human action.

Before you use any tool or object for magickal purposes it must first be programmed to reflect your intent. You must consecrate or enchant it. Of course you could go ahead and grab a candle out of the package, light it, say a prayer and hope for the magick to work, or you could take the extra time to really infuse the candle with the power of your will and intention. The more effort you put into your magick spells, the greater the liklihood of a successful outcome.

Consecration sounds much more difficult than it actually is. Consecration simply means that you concentrate your thoughts, clearly visualize the purpose you intend and " send" the energy into the object.

How to Consecrate

The important part of Consecration is to visualize. Concentrate on really seeing the light.

Begin by clearing your mind and releasing all unwanted thoughts. Take a few moments to really bring yourself into the "now".

Hold the object that you wish to Consecrate in both your hands.

Imagine a ball of white light in your Heart Chakra. Focus on the idea of cleansing and purification, in this way you charge the light with cleansing power.

Now imagine white light flowing from your Heart Chakra down through your arms. See this light flowing through your hands and into the object you are holding. Concentrate on removing all extraneous energies from the object and visualize it filling with golden yellow light (or whatever color light is appropriate to you and/or your purpose).

Silently (or aloud) confirm: "I cleanse and purify this sacred tool".

Continue to visualize the object pulsing with light, until it feels "clean".

Now that your tool is cleansed and purified you can program it to your purpose.  For instance if you are programming a candle for a healing spell clear your mind of all other thoughts except healing.  in your mind's eye actually "see" the candle being filled with healing energy. Concentrate for as long as possible allowing the light to flow into the object you are holding. See the object filling with light. (The light may be any color that is comfortable to you or the color that is significant to the magick involved)

Silently (or aloud) confirm: "I Bless and Consecrate this sacred tool".

Rowan Morgana


Holy (Moon) Water

Full Moon September 1, 2020


Big Night!

Until We Merry Meet Again...




August 1, 2020

Summer heat is at its peak

The energy of a waning sun

The blessed union’s first fruits

Abundant and awaiting

Harvesting commences

The one of the three

An eternal thankfulness

The fullness of the moment

True by unrealized,

Twice providing for mankind

Sustenance for the frigid months ahead

And seed for the next rebirth

The Celebration Ceremony


The sun God surrenders his life

Freely and without remorse

So his earthly children may survive

Never really abandoning us,

His spirit consumed in the bread

And stored in the planting grain

For the many, so goes the one

Yet fear not for the dying

Instead think towards the resurrection

Celebrate the first fruits

Give thanks to the land

Give thanks to the Goddess

Summon her strength as your own

Stay the course of all that is noble

Share without reward



New Moon

July 20, 2020


Empower Butterflies:

"Butterfly, Butterfly help me to see,

The transformation meant for me!"




Full Moon in Sagittarius

July 4, 2020


Earth and Water Make Clay:


As told in ancient creation myths, the stirring together of elements resulted in the earth and all its creatures.  In the same way, by mixing these two elements together in a sacred way, we can work magic to invoke the spirit of creativity and art into our lives.  Just as, down through the centuries, the skilled potters, builders, and sculptors worked with the soft dough of clay to produce beautiful bowls and urns, adobe homes, and great works of sculpture.


Before beginning your Full Moon ritual, prepare a small container of water, a small container of earth, and an empty bowl. 


Now think of the work you have been given to accomplish in life:  whether it is your work as a parent, a businessperson, a writer, a therapist, or a musician.  Next, place some of the dirt in the palm of your left hand, while honoring the earth element.  Think of hills, fields, and meadows; and their evolution through human culture as roads, abodes, and towns. 

Now sprinkle a few drops of water into your right hand, honoring the water element.  Think of the oceans, rivers, and streams; and their manifestation in human culture as the flow of emotion, the blessings of nurture and compassion. 

 Mix the two together and hold your hands up to the moonlight.  Ask that the creative spirit of this Moon cycle be breathed into your craft, bringing form and substance out of your efforts.


Cupping your two palms together in a gesture of prayer, bow in thanks to the Moon.  Bow again in expression of gratitude for your own participation.  Finally, bow in blessing to your loved ones, and to the world around you.  Pour the remaining dirt in the bowl.  Holding your hands over the bowl, rinse your hands with the remaining water, also pouring it into the bowl.



June 20, 2020

We celebrate the Sun God who is at the height of His power. This is the midpoint of the year, the high point of the summer, a time of intense magickal masculine strength. Even as we celebrate the longest day and revel in the sunshine, we know that the year will now start the decline down to Samhain and Winter.




Strawberry Full Moon

June 4, 2020

June’s full Moon—typically the last full Moon of spring or the first of summer—is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon.

The name, Strawberry Moon, originated with Algonquin tribes in eastern North America who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of wild strawberries. Alternative European names for this Moon include the Honey Moon and the Mead Moon. It has also been called the Rose Moon, given that many roses come to life during this part of the year!



Croning Ritual For
Cheyenne Wolf May 22, 2020 New Moon
I think I was born to be a Crone. I had to live the maiden and the ...

Nine Sacred Woods

“Nine woods in the Cauldron go,

Burn them fast and burn them slow.


Birch in the fire goes

To represent what the lady knows.


Oak in the forest towers with might,

In the fire it brings the God’s insight.


Rowan is a tree of power,

Causing life and magic to flower.


Willows at the waterside stand

Ready to help us to the Summerland.


Hawthorn is burned to purify

And to draw faerie to your eye.


Hazel- the tree of wisdom and learning

Adds its strength to the bright fire burning.


White are the flowers of Apple tree

That brings us fruits of fertility.


Grapes grow upon the vine

Giving us both joy and wine.


Fir does mark the evergreen

To represent immortality seen.


Elder is the lady’s tree

Burn it not or cursed you’ll be.


April 6, 2020
Full Moon in Libra

We fill our hearts with love

For the Earth Mother

We honor the forests of our Ancestors

And the creatures who live upon the Earth.

We honor the oceans, lakes, rivers and seas

May the Waters of the Earth be purified.

We honor the children of the Earth

May the world they inherit be pollution-free.

We join with the earth and each other.

We unite for the healing of the Earth and of all life.



March 9, 2020, Full Moon 

In Virgo


Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. 

You may have the need to organize everything chaotic and disorganized.

Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. 

It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.




New Moon January 24, 2020 


I am a witch

I am one with the Earth, The Universe, and the Divine

Let this time be free from Strife and Fear

Let only Joy and Love come near

With Blessings given and received

I walk in Peace in Word and Deed



Full Moon Nov. 11, 2019

Moon in Taurus

Awakening Together, Healing the Ancestral Heart…

We are all invited to bring these words to life,

to breathe them in, and see what fills our lungs…

to chew them carefully and see what flavours come to our tongue,

to sing them out loud and see what song comes to our ears…



Full Moon Oct. 12, 2019

Moon in Aries 

Let go of all your expectations, and allow yourself to experience this journey in whatever way comes naturally to you.

This is the time of the Full Moon, a time of great power for positive manifestation, a time of increase and gain. 

The tide of Moon-power is strong.  We are of the Goddess.  

Blessings to All…An Harm To None, So Mote It Be!




Lughnasadh Sabbat Aug.1, 2018

Moon in Pisces





O Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness, give us fruit and grain, flocks and herds, and children to the tribe, that we may be mighty.  By the rose of your love, descend upon the Corn Mothers, which we have so lovingly made in your image. 

Corn Mother

Earth Mother

Descend to us


New Moon Esbat July 12, 2018

Moon in Cancer

Like the butterfly, the dragonfly is associated with light, transformation, and personal growth.  If you see dragonflies often, you have been called to look within and see what areas you could possibly improve on, and what you can shed in order to bring more light and freedom into your life.

See me through tough times

Celebrate my good times

Adaptable, flexible, free

Keep me lighthearted

As I transform myself

On my journey of personal growth

A sign from the Universe

I chose the right path

                                       Stability and comfort are mine


                                          Adaptable – Flexible – Free…

Full Moon Esbat May. 27, 2018

Moon in Scorpio

When the Moon is full the witches gather, 

Within the Grove, our spell is cast.

Protect, preserve, and banish all,

That is not welcome within.


I consecrate these herbs on this Full Moon night.,

Protection infused by the Witch’s Rite.

The Moonlight shines in the Darkening sky

By power, by Will, the magick shall fly.

The Protective Power in the herbs set free

With Harm to None, So Mote it Be!




Dark Moon Esbat May. 14, 2018

Moon in Taurus



During the dark phase of the moon, the cycle of death is most apparent.  At the Dark Ninth Moon the veil between the living and the dead thins.  In this ritual we will turn our attention to the Underworld and the passage between life and death. We will call upon our Sister Silver Hazel and invite her to join us in our sacred circle. We will remember that death is not the end, but a continuation of the cycle of life. 




Beltane Sabbat May. 1, 2018

Moon in Sagittarius

We gather together on this Blessed day of Beltane, to celebrate the union of the Goddess and the God  it is a time of joy and celebration, the dark of winter is forgotten, and summer is here!  The fertile Goddess of Summer walks through the land with the Great Horned God of the forest.





Beltane Magick, here we sing

Chant the Rune and Dance the Ring…                                                            





Dark/New Moon Apr. 15, 2018 

Moon in Aries

Now that Beltane is nearly here the Covenstead has moved from indoors to outdoors.  At the Darkest moment of the Dark


Moon wards and guards were placed to protect our Sacred Space until we return at Samhain.


This Covenstead is never empty,

Though we be not at home;

We leave behind a talisman

to protect you while we roam.



 At the moment of New Moon we consecrated, blessed and opened the Grove to make it ready for our outdoor rituals. 




Meet me in the Greenwood,

Where your feet meet the dew.

Meet me in the Greenwood, 

I'll be waiting there for you. 

Meet me in the Moonlight,

In the fullness of the hour.

Meet me in the Moonlight,

And I shall give you power.





Ostara Sabbat Mar. 20, 2018

Moon in Taurus

Goddess Eostra, our Maiden of Spring
With love we greet you
As night and day once again
Greet each other in passing.
Be with us, complete our circle,
And help us always to see your face
In all that lives.




We planted some seeds in egg shells:

"Sleeping seeds awaken now

I'll tend you carefully, this I vow

Tiny leaves, tendrils and roots

Will air in my Magickal pursuits."


Friday March. 9, 2018

Moon in Sagittarius

Our beloved Silver Hazel has gone on to  Summerland. 

Until we meet again:

Deep peace of the rolling waves to you,

Deep peace of the silent stars,

Deep peace of the blowing air to you,

Deep peace of the quiet earth.

Let peace fill your soul,

May peace keep you whole.



Imbolc Sabbat Feb. 2, 2018

Moon in Virgo

During the Invocation of Brigid and Dagda, who would have guessed that Dagda would arrive with a plate of deviled eggs? 

Every day, every night

That I praise the Goddess,

I know I will be safe;

I know I will not be caught

I shall not be harmed.

Fire, sun and moon

Cannot burn me,

Fairy arrow cannot pierce me.

I am safe, safe, safe.

Our candles have been consecrated, our intentions set for the coming spring, nothing and no one can harm us.  We are a sisterhood of the Goddess, and in Her we trust.

The Tarot has given us direction and She of the Talking Head has given us wise council along with her new Familiar. We are looking forward to spring and lots of wonderful new adventures.  


Dark Moon Esbat Jan. 17 2018

Moon in Capricorn


We invoked Hecate  (and she came!) 

Into the Cauldron we did release, all that was baneful and painful and awful from 2017. 

Goddess of Transformation, She who holds the Knife that cuts the cord 

Then we wrote down what we wanted to bring into our life this coming year.







Yule Sabbat Dec. 21

Moon in Aquarius



Behold, it is the birth of the Sun God

Behold, it is the coming again of the Light into the World

Behold it is the triumph of Light over Darkness






Samhain Sabbat  Oct. 31, 2017   Moon in Pisces

Tonight is the night of the Mighty Dead.  

The Craft Elders who have gone before us. 

The Enlightened Ones who stand at the edge of our Magick Circle.

Waiting to be invited in….

Waiting to guide us…..

Scott Cunningham Sybil Leek Isaac Bonewits 

Margot Adler Oberon Zell Doreen Valiente 

Gerald Gardner Margaret Murray Alex Saunders

 Patricia Crowther Robert Cochrane

We honor you!


Now earth is earth

And earth is air

And earth is water

And earth is fire

And all has gone into thee


Dark Moon Esbat  Oct. 18, 2017

Moon in Libra


"Hear me child, and know Me for who I am. I have been with you since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to Me at the final dusk.

I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream.

I am the One who call to you at the end of your journey.

After the day is done, My children find their blessed rest in my embrace."





Mabon Sabbat Sept. 22, 2017

Moon in Libra/Scorpio


This is the Autumn Equinox, the time of the harvest.  As we harvest what we need from the community so do we also give back, and in giving, plant the seeds of tomorrow….

Together we stand, strong and proud, and harvest the seeds of rebirth……

Now, know that for as much as has been given us, as much as we have created for ourselves, we are capable of that much more, greater things are on their way, whether or not we can see them now.  

We give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way.



Full Moon Esbat (Stang Consecration) Sept. 6 2017

Moon in Pisces




The air is cool but not yet cold, also the lingering warmth of the heat of summer is within my bones. I lovingly tighten my grip on my Stang remembering all that He has given this summer. I watch the swollen Mother rise from her bed of stars. In her loving silver beam I drink and as I drink I intend to pour. But to pour the silver elixir out of my witch fingers into the neck of my Stang I must first build my magick and my intention. 

The light of the Moon is silver and milky, as I ingest its energy I recreate and swirl this energy within myself creating a Golden Buck. The Golden energy dances like flames and the rhythms become deep and light, slow and quick, bright and even more so golden as his form is created. The Golden Buck begins to stamp his hooves, his energy building within me and he is ready. He waits for me to speak, he is waiting for his release. I say in a silent breath but it is as loud as a sudden boom for a witch’s plain and all of nature hears me "By Mothers light in my cauldron vessel with summer's heat and Father's Sun I bless and consecrate you." My Stang beams with a smoky golden light. I can feel the Golden Buck charge for his purpose through every neuron in my power hand. I realize I am not even gripping my Stang at this point. It is hovering slightly above the earth. My hand is directing all the smoky golden light into the Stang. The Golden Buck is charging not even letting up in his stride spiraling down the Stang. He reaches the bottom and stops. He gives me a majestic bow. I bow in return to thank him. He takes a leap and dives back into the earth. A small puddle of golden light is left and I watch it dissipate in the ground.
I breathe in the night air and pull it deep into my lungs. I turn my gaze to the swollen Mother. I am truly nourished. - Awen



New Moon Esbat (Solar Eclipse) Aug. 21 2017

Moon in Virgo

This Solar Eclipse is about exposing our true selves and about honoring who we truly are. It is about shedding the masks we have been wearing so we can connect with our true essence and start fresh.



Reveal thyself. Reveal thyself.



I Pray for Peace
I Pray for Love
I Pray for Stability
I Pray for Canada
I Pray for the World






Lammas Sabbat Aug.1 2017

Moon in Scorpio

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, individuals can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead


O Gracious Mother and Merciful Father,
We pray that you help the leaders of this world
to have compassion in their hearts,
That you give them the wisdom
to end the suffering caused by wars,
And the understanding that only through peace
will we all be truly happy;
We humbly ask you to guard and protect
all of our brothers and sisters
in the war torn places on Earth.
Give comfort to the children. RM




May you lead us from death to life,
From falsehood to truth,
Lead us from despair to hope,
From fear to trust,
Lead us from hate to love,
From war to peace,
Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our Universe;
Let our words be spoken in truth,
And our hearts show only love.
So Mote it Be!

Ev'rybody's talking 'bout
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
All we are saying is give peace a chance

John Lennon



Full Moon Esbat July 7 2017

Moon in Capricorn

“Great Mother
Elegant Goddess
Ride with us upon your river
To a silver land
Guide us
Show us what there is to see
Tell us what it is we need to hear
Be with us”

A Ride Down the River to a Silver Land was created as a meditation to commune with the Goddess. If you are looking for intuitional guidance or answers to questions this meditation allows a pure you to be open for whatever she needs to say to you. Before we attempted this, we had to suspend our critical selves to break down negativity about ourselves and others. This ritual was inspired by a line out of The Twelve Wild Swans by Starhawk and Hilary Valetine. “A very important part of learning how to open up to intuition and psychic information is to suspend the critical voice that discounts these impressions as silly.  - Awen


A flower to represent a journey of harvest

May I find nourishment”

“A stone to represent the path that lays before me

May I accept the destination”

A flame to represent the fire of my Spirit

My I find what I truly desire”


Litha Sabbat June 20 2017

Moon in Taurus 4th Quarter 

                                                                                                          Summer Solstice began at 9:24 pm

Tonight is the night when night begins to draw closer.  We say goodbye to the Oak King whom has guided us.  We welcome the Holly King. He will protect us from the long dark nights ahead. 


The Goddess is in her glory, walking among us clad in white, red and golden yellow.  Where she steps grows fruits and blooming  flowers.

The strength of the old king is waning and a new suitor stands ready to challenge for the hand of the Goddess.


Holly King, Lord of the waning year, I name you the victor. Now is the time you take up the scepter and rule the land of the Goddess until the time of the winter solstice, when once again you will do battle with your brother.





Lasqueti Island June 2017



We enjoyed our annual get away to Lasqueti Island.  We walked the labyrinth, left offerings in a Fairy House, and hunted for beach glass. 

The Coven each created a personal 

to use for divination, and as a spell casting tool. The Magick Ball looks like a pendulum but is more closely related to a charm bag.  You use herbs, roots, charms, and a personal item such as hair, bound together with melted wax making the Magick Ball an extension of your own spirit or will.  It is important that every item you use to make your Magick Ball is something that has meaning to you, or that you are drawn to personally.


Looking through the Looking Glass

Our time away with each other as a Coven is a time to reflect, bond, grow and create magick. There are many secret beaches that offer different treasures on the Island where we getaway. One beach gifts us beautiful naturally polished stones and the sound of these stones rocking back and forth with the waves opens a meditative conversation with the Goddess. On another beach, the search for beautiful beach glass creates a symphony of childhood happiness in finding treasure! The sound of scraping the surface rocks in silence, our hearts fluttering almost skipping a beat when a glistening piece is uncovered. Then we will occasionally speak what comes to mind and a discussion unravels new understandings either about ourselves or the purpose of the task. Taking in our complete surroundings being careful not to rush the moment and knowing when the moment is over are essential for receiving messages. The glass itself has traveled and time has made it beautiful. In another time, it was thought to be garbage and now it is a token of beauty and time.  

To capture the moment and the magick that was created from all of us collecting these treasures we put them in small vials. We chose colourful ribbons to hang them from and accented them each with a charm that spoke to us individually. These vials are to be hung with access to the sun to show off the radiant colours of the glass. A window is a perfect place to hang them. As we look upon these magical items our minds can be whisked away in remembering the hunt for buried treasure, the togetherness that reminds us we are never alone and the unveiling messages that came to us that day. Whatever you plan to do with your beach glass give it honour by appreciating its journey and yours. No magical rhymes or words were used to build power only the weaving of Sacred Haven’s energy

Yule Sabbat

December 21, 2014 New Moon in Capricorn

 Our Yule Sabbat was enjoyed by a full compliment of witches this year, Freya our Yule High Priestess has not yet flown south for the winter and so was able to lead us in a very merry Yuletide ritual.  After decorating our tiny little tree, Freya Cast the Magick Circle.  During the ritual we spent a few moments in darkness awaiting the "rescue" of the Child of Light from Caer Lowe. All went well and we are happy to report that the Sun is now gaining in strength, the Wheel has begun to turn towards the light half of the year!

For our magickal work, we cleansed, consecrated, and blessed our brand new, (ancient), giant, cast iron cauldron.  We are now sure that it is properly attuned to us, the power we raised was phenomenal, the cauldron and witches all vibrating at the end of the magick spell.  The cauldron was then filled with gifts to be chosen at random as a form of divination for the coming year.

Interspersed with the ritual and magick, many pagan Yuletide songs were sung with the occasional yowl from one of us who is not exactly blessed with a perfect singing voice.

We polished off some delicious Glo Wine, and lovely goodies before we opened the Circle and merry parted.


Full Moon Esbat 

December 5, 2014 Waxing Moon in Taurus


Our Cold Moon Esbat was led by our High Priestess Autumn Storm. After Casting the Circle and Drawing Down the Moon she guided us on an evocative Winter Meditation.  We were completely enthralled on our winter ramble through the forest, and each of us experienced different symbolism and meanings.


Baby Blessing

December 1, 2014 Waxing Moon  Aries 

As a Coven we performed a beautiful Baby Blessing Ritual witnessed by parents, grandmother and best friend.  The adorable baby girl was presented to, and blessed by the Four Directions and Elements, and by the Great Mother and Great Father.


          Great Mother and Great Father,

           We present this child to You,

          We ask that you love and protect her.

          We pray that you shall guard and

                               Guide her throughout her life.

                                                          In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.


 After the Blessings, the parents spoke their vows of love and protection and the baby was given gifts by all.



Dark Moon Esbat 

November 20,2014  Waning Moon in Scorpio

Samhain Sabbat

October 31, 2014 Waning Moon in Aries


Fire red, summer's dead
Yet it shall return.
Clear and bright, in the night,
Burn, fire, burn!


We began our Samhain Sabbat with the annual "Witches Processional", where we carry a lighted lantern and drift about the neighborhood The idea of the processional is to honor and remember the witches of old,who used the cover of night to hide from those who would harm them as they made their way to their meetings.

The processional ended at a lovely bonfire where we burned up all the old left over magick from the previous year. After dancing and chanting, we went inside to the Covenstead to begin our Ritual.  Curiously, the Temple was festooned with cobwebs, apparently we have been neglecting our housekeeping duties over the summer.  

At Samhain we invite the Spirits of the Mighty Dead, and the spirits of our loved ones to join us. Rowan Morgana, the presiding Priestess, led us in a descent meditation, where we visit with our loved ones in the spirit realm. Spirit activity in the Temple was very strong this year!  Some of the Spirits were tricky, making it hard to either light or put out candles. Coven sisters felt coldness, or smelt beautiful perfume, and all were slightly giddy at times.   


Hunter Full Moon Esbat

October 8, 2014, Full Moon in Aries


Our High Priestess, Autumn Storm created a beautiful Hunter Moon Ritual. Artemis Goddess of the Hunt, and Cernunnos the Horned God and Master of the Hunt, were invited to join us. It was a lovely, warmish, fall evening, and we were lucky enough to be outside surrounded by nature.

After Casting the Circle, Autumn led us in a Thanksgiving Gratitude Meditation. We shared our experiences and were given brand new Gratitude Journals to help us, and remind us, to take the time every day to think about what we are grateful for.

During Merry - Making, while sitting around the fire, we were lucky enough to hear The Owl and The Frog.
Frog - Fertility, health, honesty. Sacred to Hecate.
Owl - Self-truth, wisdom, vision, clairvoyance, astral projection, messages through dreams and meditation.

We also heard what we thought was The Bear, but preferred to pretend that he was either on the other side of the river, or that he was in actuality, Binky the irascible neighbour tomcat.  We also assured each other that wild animals are afraid of fire, and added another log to the fire.


Mabon Sabbat

September 22, 2014, Waning Moon in Pisces


We took a chance on the weather and held our Mabon Sabbat outdoors in Freya’s Magick Circle.  It had been raining during the day, but the evening was mild with not a drop of precipitation.

  In keeping with the theme of second harvest and thanksgiving, we brought food to donate to our local food bank.

  With the help of the Five Oldest Animals, our High Priestess Rose, helped us to enact the search for the Child of Light, Mabon ap Modron who was stolen from his mother Modron.  Good news!  Mabon was found in Caer Loew and will be released at Yule.  We rejoiced at our success by dancing an old German circle dance, with much merriment and bumping into one another. 

  During our Mabon Ritual we were visited by five animals How marvelous that we honored five animals during our ritual and were in turn visited by five animals. 

  Five for the Pentacle.

  Dog - Earth, North Stands at the Gates between middle Earth and the Underworld , guides us towards magick, and protects us on our journey.

  Crane - Air, East, Logical Mind, flies with us during meditation and path working, unlocks secrets and shows the way to deep mysteries.

  Owl - West, Water The only one of the Oldest Animals to make an appearance. Represents the Cailleach, Crone aspect of the Goddess.Perfect wisdom and ancient knowledge of the powers of the Moon.

  Cat - South, Fire Goddess Bast, protector and physical incarnation of the Goddess

  Cranefly - Clustered around the Pentacle I have to believe that they were representing Spirit. Air Purpose, Balance Introspection Resourcefulness.   When the cranefly appears it means that we have successfully blended our sub-conscious and conscious minds.

 As above, so below.

Full Moon Esbat

September 7, 2014, Full Moon in Pisces

Priestess Raven led us in an exercise to discover our Elemental strengths and weaknesses.  After Casting the Circle and invoking Amphitrite, Gaia, Dioynysus and Thoth, we  settled down to answering a series of questions that revealed how balanced we were in Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  It was most illuminating!  Through the questions we discovered which Elements predominated our lives and which Elements required strengthening.  Through magickal visualization and raised power, we attempted to attain Elemental Balance. 

New Moon Esbat

August 26. 2014,  New Moon in Virgo


With the help of the Goddess Freya and the Good God Baldur, Priestess Freya invoked Spirit and taught us a new way of intuitive Tarot Card reading.  Each witch drew a card in turn, and then, by looking at the picture and allowing Spirit to guide the reading, interpreted the card, not for herself, but for the witch to her left.  This proved to be a very interesting exercise, providing a lot of insight, not only to the person having the reading, but also to the reader.  By using our intuition, we gained confidence in our ability to "go within" and listen to the Spirit voices.


Full Corn Moon Stang Consecration Ritual

August 9, 2014  Full Moon in Aquarius


The Super Moon was huge and full when we began our annual Stang Consecration Ritual.  Chanting Pan, Poseidon, Dionysus, Cernunnos, Mithras, Loki, Apollo we honored the spirit of the Horned God and His marriage to the Moon Goddess. Stang Consecration is  a holy act of joining, honor, and trust between  each Coven sister and her earthly representation of the God. 

Lammas Sabbat  

August 1, 2014 Waxing Moon in Libra


"We are one, we are one
Now the magick has begun!"


Lammas Sabbat was held outdoors in Freya's Magick Circle. The weather was warm and muggy, the MagickCircle took on a distinctive "glow" around the edges once it had been cast.

Again, this year, we enacted a version of "John Barleycorn Must Die" using sheaves of wheat fashioned into John. Poor Barleycorn was murdered, buried, and doused with holy water. The water must have revived him, as he managed to stand up and grow a long beard. John was then set upon with scissors, cut to bits, and then rolled up and tied with string. He was poked with a pitchfork and thrown into a basket, then spun around in a circle three times. Barleycorn was flailed with hazel sticks and ground up in a mortar and pestle. Though he died of his injuries we understand that he will revive in the Spring. Meanwhile we were grateful to partake of his essence in the form of brandy. We salute you John Barleycorn!

Full Moon Esbat

July 9, 2014  Waxing Moon in Sagittarius


This month's Full Moon Esbat was extremely interesting.  As part of Rose's Third Degree homework she had to convert a voodoo ritual into a ceremony that was recognizably Wiccan.  The main purpose of a voodoo ritual is to make contact with a spirit, to gain their favor by offering them animal sacrifices and gifts, to obtain help in the form of more abundant food, higher standard of living, and improved health.  Of course, being Wiccan we would never condone animal sacrifice, so Rose cleverly created "Glitter Creature" out of paper mache!  It is traditional to roast and eat the flesh of the sacrifice and drink the blood.  Amazingly "Glitter Creature" had food and wine hidden inside it's body.  The food was mini-marshmallows on sticks that we roasted over an altar candle and the wine was a delicious red Merlot.  

Glitter Creature was sacrificed so that we could obtain happiness.  Our Full Moon magick included work on the physical plane to assist our desire of happiness.  We wrote about things that we are grateful for, things that make us truly happy, and divined the one thing for each of us that brings pure happiness.  The "happiness" magick was successful, there was much laughter and joy throughout.

 Dark Moon Esbat

June 26, 2014 Dark Moon in Cancer

 In keeping with the Moon in Cancer, Freya our Presiding Priestess led us in a meditation in which we got in touch with our Cancer/Crab natures. The crab is an excellent symbol for the qualities of Cancer.  Crabs have a hard, nearly impenetrable shell on the outside and are soft and delicate on the inside.  

We were each given two pictures of crabs to color.  One crab picture was a "helping" crab (the part of our outer shell that helps us) and the other crab picture was a "hindering" crab (the part of our outer shell that hinders us).  We raised the cone of power around the hindering crab pictures and then fashioned them into boats,which we released into the river.  We empowered the helping crab pictures with song; they will be taken home and safely kept as a reminder of our outer strengths and blessings.

"There was a lot of energy in the circle – the elements seemed to be guiding our evening.  The circle and everything else took on a very distinctive glow during the discussion part of our meeting around the fire.  The wind came up alerting us to end the get together – a drop of rain as we were Merry Parting".  - Freya



Full Moon Esbat

June 13, 2014 Full Moon in Capricorn


For the June Full Moon we were enjoying our annual Coven trip to beautiful Lasquiti Island at Raven's lake.  Last year we awakened the Lady of the Lake so we thought that this year we would continue the tradition with a Lake Blessing Ritual.  

"Be with us Lady of the Lake, hear out blessings and wishes and promises we make."

After the Lake Blessing, Raven our presiding Priestess, Cast the Circle then led us through   The Rite of Sol by Aleisiter Crowley.  Each Witch took on a character; each character donned a beautiful veil.  Re-creating the Crowley Ritual (as best we could) turned out to be both amusing and spiritually uplifting.  We managed to get into character and had a lot of fun with the back and forth arguing of  Aries and Leo over the sacrifice.  At first the arcane language was a bit challenging, but after a while it all began to flow.  Throughout the ritual the Sun blessed us with His warmth, and the lake beings watched over us.



New Moon Esbat

May 30, 2014 New Moon in Gemini


Our New Moon was all about the celebration of Spring and the Element of Air.  After Casting the Circle our presiding Priestess Hazel welcomed the White Goddess, Maiden of Spring and the Greenman into our sacred space.  We petitioned the Goddess and God to bestow upon us the qualities of Air -  intellect, focus, inspiration, decisiveness and illumination.  

After a brief meditation we created Coven Blessing bottles and sigil.  The sigil was devised from a common phrase that we agreed upon, and then the bottles were filled with various herbs suitable to our purpose, water, oil and a pinch of incense.  All was accomplished with chants and focused magickal intention.  We sealed the bottles and will each keep one on our Altar or in our sacred space.



May 1, 2014 Waxing Moon in Gemini


It's Spring and we are back outside in the Magick Circle.  Beltane was sunny and warm bringing us a preview of the glorious Vancouver Island weather that we shall enjoy.  Our beautiful High Priestess Autumn Storm presided over our Beltane festivities.


Full Moon Esbat 

April 14, 2014  Moon in Libra

Our Full Moon Esbat, led by Rowan Morgana began with a grounding and centering ritual known as "The Tree".  Once the Circle had been cast, we invoked  Maia, Goddess of Spring and the month of May.  The theme for the Full Moon Esbat was Coven Unity, and sisterhood.  We enjoyed a short meditation involving Maia and her six sisters who escaped from Orion by transforming into doves and flying up into the sky to become the Pleiades star constellation.  

We created Coven Unity charms by  using vintage wooden spools with heart-felt sentiments written on long strips of paper that were then wound around the spools while we chanted a rhyme. The charms were sealed with sealing wax and our Coven stamp. 


March 29, 2014  Moon in Aries


 Our Dark Moon Esbat, led by Autumn Storm, celebrated the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn.  Hawthorn represents cleansing, purity and chastity in preparation for the coming union and rebirth of Beltane.  This month allows us to pause, and challenges us to clean up our act, to let go of what no longer serves and to treat our mind, body and souls with sacred respect. It is a time to quiet oneself and go within.

After Casting the Circle, we enjoyed a guided meditation  from the Healing Power of Trees, where we entered a sacred grove and met many magickal beings.  After the meditation we got busy with clay and created "Garden Guardians" that will be given places of honor in our gardens.  





Ostara Sabbat

March 20, 2014  Moon in Scorpio

At Ostara we welcome in the Spring!  The Circle is Cast and candles are lit; Yellow for the equal balance of night and day, Green for the Earth and the Fey folk, and Pink to bring forth the spirit of love and understanding within our Circle.  We welcome the Goddess Eostra and the Lord of the Greenwood, and ask for Their blessings. 

On Ostara Sabbat it is traditional for us to bring beautifully decorated eggs to be consecrated, blessed and empowered.  We work our magick with meditation, visualization and will.  At the end of the Sabbat the magickally charged eggs are buried in the ground with the understanding that they will carry our intention to Mother Earth. 

This year's Ostara High Priestess was Raven, who taught us how to make Conjure Balls.  Conjure Balls are made by combining melted wax, herbs, essential oils, and glitter then hand rolling them into balls.  The herbs, oils etc. are chosen to correspond to the magickal purpose of the Conjure Balls.  Ours were made to welcome the beneficial Faeries to our gardens while discouraging the more baneful Fey from sticking around.   


Dark Moon Esbat

February 28, 2014  Moon in Pisces

The Dark Moon Esbat was a time,

With spoken words, all in rhyme.

Mortar & Pestles all held high,

Magick spells with them we tried.

Draw and banish, binding too,

Lesson learned the whole way through.

Copper coins for prosperity,

Wealth will soon be what we see.


 Full Moon Esbat

February 13, 2014  Moon in Leo

Our Valentine's Full Moon Esbat featured a beautiful Altar filled with rose petals, hearts, roses and Rose as our Esbat High Priestess.  The ritual was evocative, and the meditation involved rising to the clouds, birds set free, peace and love. To honor  Valentine’s Day, the day of love, affection and romance, Rose led us in a magick spell to give  love to ourselves.  We created heavenly body scrubs to banish unwanted energy from the past, invoking bath salts to help us envision what we would like to see more of in our lives, and a body lotion to help us seal and carry forth our intentions.  We used essential oils, brown sugar, salts, oil, heart stickers and lots of chanting and mirth.  The room was filled with the scent of essential oils, our hands covered in salt and sugar, and our hearts filled with the magick of love.  Click here for the full spell.


Imbolc Sabbat

February 2, 2014 Moon in Pisces/Aries

"Bride Come In Thy Bed is Made"

By  Imbolc this year, we had already made our Sabbat candles and had a batch of mead bubbling in the crock pot.  This is the time of year when we "sweep" our Covenstead clear using a ritual broom and bless all the Sabbat candles that will be used during the year. The Altar was dressed in red and white with lots of crystal accents and offerings of spring flowers.  Brigid and Dagda made Their presence known to us, and we were honored to receive Them.  Silver Hazel  our Imbolc High Priestess guided us through a rainbow candle blessing ritual in which we were given the gifts of practicality & vitality, creativity & passion, courage & self-assurance, love & healing, intelligence and will-power, psychic perception & magick ability, and spiritual understanding & wisdom.   


 Yule Sabbat

December 21, 2013 Moon in Leo

Yule Sabbat began with the blessing and decoration of our tiny balsam tree. There was lots of singing and what was lacking in harmony was made up for with enthusiasm and joy. Raven, our Yule High Priestess welcomed the new born Child of Light and we rejoiced at the birth of the Sun. We gave each other gifts chosen at random from a giant cauldron festooned with evergreen branches and ribbon.  Glo wine flowed freely as we shared our Sabbat feast.



December Dark/New Moon Esbat

December 2, 2013 Moon in Sagittarius  


On the Dark Moon night of December 2 we used both the Dark Moon and New Moon energies to create smudge sticks made with lavender, rosemary, cedar and sage.  They will be used for banishing the unwanted from our homes, to be replaced with peace, love and contentment.  Freya created and led us in this wonderful witch - craft.


Smudge Stick Spell Song

Sung to the Tune of Scarborough Fair


We gather together the following herbs:

Lavender, rosemary, cedar and sage

Arrange and roll and bind with string

We’ll make our smudge sticks, such wonderful things


When we’ve finished our sticks of the following herbs:

Lavender, rosemary, cedar and sage

We’ll rid the unwanted from all of our places

Peace, love and contentment will fill up our spaces


We bless our sticks of the following herbs:

Lavender, rosemary, cedar and sage

Air and Fire and Water and Earth

To bless our sticks almost ready for work


We charge our sticks of the following herbs:

Lavender, rosemary, cedar and sage

Hel and Odin come to our aid

To charge our sticks that we have made

©Freya 2013

 August Full Moon Stang Consecration Ritual

Tuesday August 20/13 Full Moon in Aquarius


Under a huge luminous August Full Moon, we held our Stangs aloft chanting: Pan, Poseidon  Dionysus, Cernunnos, Mithra, Loki, Appolo!  We honor the Gods of Wicca and pledge our allegiance to the Horned God of the Witches.  The Stang is the physical embodiment of our respect and honor of the God.  It connects us to the Old Ways.  The staff grounds us and connects us to earth energy, the forks branch into the upper world, we channel Earth and Sky. We offer our Stangs as a sign of our faith and love of the Horned God who is the Lord of the Gates of Life, Lord of the Gates of Death, who is the Hunter and the Hunted, who is the son and lover of the Goddess.  


Lammas Sabbat

Thursday Aug. 1/13 Waning v/c Moon in Gemini


Litha Sabbat

Friday June 21/13 Waxing Moon in Scorpio

At Litha we held an open Sabbat with lots of guests. Almost everyone dressed up as a faerie, or nature spirit.  It was wonderful, there were games and prizes, a beautiful ritual, merry making and once it got dark we released a prayer lantern into the night sky.


Imbolc Sabbat Celebration

Saturday, February 2/13 Waning Moon in Scorpio

We began Candlemas around a lovely bonfire, where we ritually burned the Brigid's that have decorated the Temple since last Imbolc Sabbat.  They must be returned to the Elements before we bring in and bless our new Brigid's that were created at Lammas.  There's something about "paradox" and "being in two places at once", is there not?  I'm sure that I've read about it somewhere!  I'm not sure what would happen if we brought in the "new" Brigids before the "old" Brigids were returned to the Elements.  We have a healthy respect for physics and wouldn't want to cause a bend in the time-space continuum.  The Temple, which is truly between the worlds, could vanish ..... "poof" in a puff of incense smoke, taking a Coven of befuddled Witches with it.  Much as we long to visit mystical lands, and experience different cultures and new spiritual frontiers, I'm pretty sure that we will try to stick to mundane modes of travel.  

After dancing around the fire, we repaired to the Temple with a basket of "new" Brigids.  Once safely inside, we centered and grounded ourselves with the Rite of the Quabalistic Cross and settled in for the Ritual.  Autumn Storm had candles blazing everywhere!  We were, after all, celebrating light, light, light!  Spring has cautiously poked Her head out of the ground, and we need to encourage the sun's warmth.  I think we've done a pretty good job, so far the weather here has been quite balmy and we've had a fair amount of sun for Vancouver Island. 

One Imbolc Ritual that we, so far, haven't partaken of is The Groundhog.  If we could locate a groundhog how would we be able to coax it out of it's lovely warm winter burrow?  We couldn't magick is out with a spell, because that would be interfering with it's Free Will, and that is against our beliefs.  We could try to force it out with drumming, and chanting, but then wouldn't we be abusing the poor groundhog? People who have heard us drum would agree that it's cruel!   I'm quite sure that animal abuse is also wrong.  The famous groundhogs that are on TV and have their own websites, are not actually free, they are in zoos I think.  I quite pity them, when they're hauled blinking, confused and still hibernating into the glare of paparazzi and TV cameras and forced to either stand their ground or flee in terror after glimpsing the horror of their Shadow.  

  Imbolc Candle Making

Sunday, January 20/13, Waxing Moon in Taurus

On Sunday the five of us who weren't on a winter vacation in the sun, gathered to make our annual Sabbat candles. We craft them from pure organic beeswax sheets, hand gathered organic herbs, and pure essential oils, all chosen for their correspondences to each individual Sabbat.  Two candles are created for each Sabbat, one representing the Goddess and one for the God. We chant while sprinkling the herbs and oils and continue various chants until each candle is finished. The whole process takes about two hours; we start and finish each set of candles two at a time, keeping our intent focused on the  Sabbat. Each Coven Sister puts her energy into every step of the process, with concentrated intent, chanting and visualization.



The Sabbat candle pairs are wrapped in tissue and labeled. At Imbolc the Coven will further Bless and Enchant the candles with a special ritual.

Yule Sabbat

Friday, December 21, Waxing Moon in Aries

Selah AponiSage officiated at our Coven Yule Sabbat celebration.  AponiSage's granddaughter and Autumn Storm's daughter also attended.

We began the Ritual by sitting around a "campfire" of candles and enjoying a Yule Meditation in which we witness the birth of the Child of Light, the Divine Sun God promised to us at Mabon Sabbat.

In keeping with our Coven Yuletide traditions we decorated our little Yule tree, a beautiful balsam chosen and lovingly harvested from the forest with appropriate blessings and offerings.   We also brought into the Covenstead a tiny potted cypress tree that was rescued from the grocery store last year.  The cypress is destined to be a future Yule tree, and was given blessings and offerings by the Coven.  I will recuel another tree this year, so that we may have a succession of  Yule trees, that have been blessed and attuned to the energy that is Sacred Haven.

Throughout the ritual we broke into pagan adapted Christmas songs; We Wish You a Happy Solstice, Share the Light and Ye Children of Mother Earth.  Some of us are excellent singers....others, myself included, are enthusiastic!

We each thought of  a blessing, empowerment or words of encouragement to shine upon the earth or it's living beings.  One by one we silently empowered a candle with the blessing, then lit the candle as we spoke it aloud. A simple, but very powerful ritual causing " the power of our wishes and wisdom to spread outward like the light and the warmth of the Sun."

May this season of waxing light bring warmth and illumination to all.  

Black Moon Esbat
Wednesday, December 12,  Dark Moon in Sagittarius     
On the night of the Black Moon, the darkest of nights when the power of the shadow force is at it's greatest strength, we gathered our courage to call forth the Lady of Shadow, the Lady of Blood and the Lady of the Bone. Black is everything, it is the potential of the unseen, the unknown lurking in darkness.  Anything is possible in the darkness. 

The Lady of Shadow brings forth the power from beneath the Earth, the Lady brings the memory of all that has been absorbed from the living beings whose material form has dissolved into the Earth.  Through Her all things are possible.

 The Lady of Blood receives the memories from the Lady of Shadow and enters the world of the living. She offers to us the memories so that we may use them.

 The magickal force is then passed to the Lady of Bone, who retains and preserves them while taking on the new experiences of the living Witch.  The Lady of Bone then sinks into the Shadow and passes the force and new experiences back to the Lady of Shadows.  This is the cycle of passing and receiving.

Dark Moon Esbat
            Monday November 1 2,
Dark Moon in Libra
During the November Dark Dead Moon we created Hecate bracelets using  black moonstone beads, and silver charms sacred to Hecate.  The charms included an Athame, a Torch, a Key, a Rope, a Goddess, a Frog, a Dog and an Owl. 

The Athame is what Hecate uses to cut the cords between life and death and death and life.  Hecate's Athame also cuts the veil between the world of the living and the dead.  A Priestess's Athame, used in a magick Circle indicates her authority and power.

Hecate's torch illuminates the path to the Underworld that the soul must journey.  Her torch also lights the way of the Witch wandering in the realms  magick and the Astral plane.

The Key is symbolic of  unlocking the secrets of occult mysteries and knowledge of the afterlife.

The Rope symbolizes the umbilical cord of birth and renewal.

The Goddess of course, symbolizes Hecate herself.

The Frog and the Dog are Hecate's totem animals.  Hecate's approach is heralded by the howling of a dog, and the frog  is a creature that can cross between two elements.

The Owl is Hecate's messenger.

Lammas Sabbat

Thursday August 2, Waning Moon in Aquarius

This year's Lammas Sabbat was held on August 2 rather than the traditional Aug. 1.  When we created our yearly Sabbat and Esbat schedule last November, I'm sure we had a very good reason to change our traditional Lammas Sabbat date from Aug. 1 to Aug. 2. Unfortunately none of us can remember it.  Never mind, the traditional Astrological Lammas date is Sun 15° Leo which occurs this year on August 6, so we were actually early in our celebrations.

We began our Ritual with a powerful Mother Earth meditation written by Selah AponiSage who was our acting Lammas High Priestess. It is so comforting and empowering to lay down on the grass and breathe with  Mother Gaia. 

It is a Coven tradition to create Corn Mother's for Lammas and ritually enchant them using song, dance and magick.  The Corn Mothers will remain in our Covenstead until Imbolc when they will be magickally transformed into representations of the Goddess Brigit.

Another Coven tradition is to "wake up" the Holly King.   At Lammas the Corn King sacrifices his life for the good of the people, so that they may eat the bread of his body. We awaken him with offerings of the Bread of Life that he may transform himself into the young and vibrant Holly King of the waning year. The crops will continue to grow and the Holly King will love and protect the Goddess until he becomes old and frail at Yule.

Dark Moon Esbat  with Hel & Odin

Wednesday July 18, Dark Moon in Cancer

Freya invoked Hel and Odin at this Dark Moon Esbat, very appropriate as we have been studying the Runes.

We have been playing with an interesting way of learning the Runes.  The idea came from Raven via a wise witch on Lasqueti Island.  The idea is to assume the position of each Rune with your body while being taught their meaning.  This is a very effective way to learn!

At our last Full Moon Esbat Raven taught us the first 12 Runes from Fehu to Jera.  At Dark Moon Freya taught us the rest of the Runes from Eiwaz to Othila.  Some positions are very easy to assume such as Isa (simply stand straight up with your arms clamped to your sides) and others require two people to create the aspect of the Rune such as Inguz (two people stand facing each other with outstretched crossed arms, touching hands).

July 2012 

2011 was a very difficult year for Sacred Haven Coven, we suffered many losses.  We are healing, we are strong, we are one.  

Indoor Power Garden

Sunday September 11, Waxing Moon in Pisces

  At our September Full Moon Esbat, Hazel the presiding Priestess led us in a wonderful magickal craft making Indoor Power Gardens.  We each created a small shrine using  stones, crystals, Goddess/God images, candles, shells, figurines etc.  The concept  of an indoor power garden is to give you a place to bury the ashes of paper burned in spells or small items used in spells. A very good idea now that   the Wheel has turned to Winter! 

Here's what you need to make your own Power Garden:

  • One large pot
  • One small pot
  • Potting soil
  • Plant(s)
  • Stones or markers for each direction, North, South, East & West
  • Sand, natural or coloured or Coloured gravel or stones or Glass Stones
  • Decorations such as feathers, mirrors, shells, candles or tea lights, small figurines etc.

To make, fill the large container with potting soil or sand.  In the smaller pot place potting soil if using a rooted plant OR gravel if using bulbs.  Put plants in the smaller container, then nestle the smaller container in the centre of the large container.  Now you can go ahead and get creative decorating your Power Garden.  It can be added to throughout the winter and changed as the season and your mood changes

                                                          Mabon Sabbat

Friday September 23, Waning Moon in Leo

Pictured here are the Blackbird, Stag, Owl, Eagle and Salmon who are the five of the wisest animals. They stand at the ready to direct the rest of the Coven to the hiding place of Mabon the Child of Light who was stolen from his mother Modron. The Earth begins to grow cold as the Mother grieves for the loss of Her child.  We are pleased to announce that Mabon was located safe and sound in Caer Loyw and will be returned to us at Winter Solstice. Once he is released at Yule the days will again begin to grow longer.

  Stang Consecration Ritual

Thursday August 11, Waning Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

On the Full Moon in August we met in Freya's magick Circle  to perform our yearly Stang Consecration Ritual.  

We love our Stangs!  We look forward to this Ritual every year and begin rather later in the evening than usual.  We must wait for  Moonrise before we can begin, so we decided to drum up the Moon.  We sat in a Circle around a great big cauldron with  African djenby's, a bongo or two, and my handmade Native drum called Loki.   Drumming begins with a heartbeat rhythm, then one by one each drum adds to the beat, until we have a very powerful sound. 

After being smudged, prayed over, chanted to, anointed and garlanded the Stangs were quite full of themselves and  became rather intractable.  The male energy was fairly shooting out of them by the end of the Ritual. As you see, we have a lovely picture of them all standing together proudly pre-ritual. Post ritual they refused to stand together, falling and knocking each other over and jousting for position until we gave up and stood them behind our chairs. My Stang dove to the side and knocked the Freya on the head, another was determined to find His way up someone's skirt.  When we were packing up to leave Rose's Stang jumped Raven's Stang in the car presumable to get the better position of riding shotgun. 

A Stang is a very powerful tool of the God and if you don't already have one you may wish to add it to your magickal tools. 


Celebrating Lammas Sabbat

Monday August 1, Waxing Moon in Libra/Virgo

The Coven gathered at Freya's Magick Circle to celebrate the First Harvest of Lammas.  Hazel was presiding for the first time since her First Degree Initiation, and her altar and Ritual were absolutely beautiful. 

At Lammas we are thankful for the bounties of the Earth that sustain us.  We are mindful of the sacrifice given by the God of the Grain as he falls under the sickle of harvest and journeys to the underworld.  We are taught the lesson of birth, death and rebirth and are filled with reverence and joy. 

We lovingly create Corn Mothers from wheat, grass or corn shucks to honour the Great Mother. 

             Around the Corn Mothers we dance the Rune,
With chant and drum and playful tune.
   Into the Mothers the Goddess descends,
      On Her precious love, our lives depend.

                                                                        We encourage her now with clapping and chant,
                                                           Offer Her bread and continue the dance.
                                                                       She whispers of seeds buried deep in the earth,
                                                                    Of dark winter days, gentle spring and rebirth.

 Making Merry Mead

Wednesday, July 6 Waxing Moon in Virgo/Libra

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

                                                             The Coven gathered on Wednesday evening, to cackle and stir a  magickcauldron filled with honey, water and secret ingredients.    We each put energy into the brew, while the water boiled and  bubbled.  Chanting  we added  the special ingredients that make  our Merry Mead extraordinarily delicious! 

 After boiling for a half an hour the mead is allowed to rest for 12 hours,  poured into a crock pot and the yeast is  added. Then the Mead comes alive!  It's allowed to bubble away in the crock pot for about two weeks, before  being transferred to gallon jugs (racking).  Once the mead is racked it's placed in a cool dark place for a month or  two to clarify.  When the mead is clear it's placed in bottles and aged for at least 6 months to a year. 

 The Coven drinks Merry Mead at all Sabbats.  Believe me when I tell you that it's the most delicious drink you will  ever taste.....and it has a pretty good alcohol content too! 

Coven House Sweeping Ritual

Thursday June 23, 2011 Waning Moon in Aries

Last Thursday evening the Coven was asked to sweep and purify a house that was filled with baneful energy. Thankfully over the years we've created a very powerful Ritual for just such a problem. 

Baneful house was situated on a beautiful piece of property secluded from the road and boasting 3  residences. The first house we came to could only be described as something out of a "haunted house" movie, very old and dilapidated with moss covered shingles and broken or boarded up windows.  Surprisingly the little fenced yard around it was quite charming in an old- witch- lives- here kind of way.

  Raven said "If that's the house, I'm not going in!" 

Rose, who was the one contacted by the owners for our services assured us that it wasn't.

The house in question was also very old with an aura of sadness, depression, anger, and fear enveloping it.  At the front door, tucked on top of sturdy wooden beams supporting the portico roof were some robin's nests which had been plundered,  tiny corpses and feathers strewn about like a macabre welcome mat.  Though the property had lawns, trees and shrubs and it was still early evening, there was no bird song.  The silence felt oppressive and ominous. 

When we entered the house we all had a physical reaction,  the most common being dizziness, nausea, and loathing.  Being stalwart witches, we went about the business of discerning the directions, deciding the best widdershins and deosil routes and donning our cloaks. 


To the Goddess and God we sincerely pray,

High Magick protects, sends evil away.

Widdershins, widdershins driving forth,

Black smoky grey the baneful force.

Moon Water filled with the essence of Earth,

Candle flame  lights the Pure re- birth.

Broom and Bell and Incense Smoke,

Pentagram and Sage the clearing invokes,

Protection infused with herbs and sun mixed,

With Water and magick, Deosil the fix.

Each window and door, mirror and nook,

All Pentagram marked, intoned by the Book.

 Outside again, with our Ritual finished, we grounded ourselves, ate a cookie and listened to the birds singing around us.  May the Goddess protect future nests and may the house heal.Rowan Morgana

Litha Sabbat -  A Midsummer's Night's Dream

Tuesday, June 21, 2011  Waning  Moon in Pisces

We celebrated Litha Sabbat last night in Freya's Magick Circle, and in the spirit of the evening dressed as Faeries with wings,  brightly coloured clothes, jingle bells, masks, and all manner of frippery!  Rose acting as High Priestess, led us in a Midsummer's Eve play with each of us taking a part.  There was Pan, Nymphs, Dryads, Salamanders and Undines along with the Fairy Queen who bestowed Blessings upon us with a giant bubble wand.  Pan's horns were created out of a Styrofoam swimming noodle, painted and glued to barrettes courtesy of Rose's Troll.  Myrna had the honour of being Pan for the evening and there was no end of merriment as the horns had a life of their own, slipping and splaying askew at every opportunity.  

The Circle was Cast with song and dance, festooned with flowers and bubbles.  The Quarters were represented by masked Elemental Faeries holding staffs decorated with silken scarves.  The Faerie Queen settled upon her Throne in the East ready to bestow blessings upon us, but of course the Fey are tricky and had to be chased and captured by Pan!  One by one  we were caught and brought before the Queen who Blessed us with words and a giant bubble wand. 

We then morphed into "Trooping Faeries", cut ourselves out of the Circle and "trooped" to the river to release flower bedecked boats that we had crafted beforehand.  None of us actually fell into the river, but it was touch and go from time to time.  Thankfully Freya's Troll had devised a clever rope for us to clutch while near the water. 

We then made our way back to the Circle and after closing it with High Magick, began making merry with mead and food, sparklers and bonfire, divination and discussion. 



Walking the Labyrinth

 June 10 - 12, 2011 Waxing Moon in Libra/Scorpio

We have just returned from a magickal Coven weekend on mystical and mysterious Lasqueti Island.  Lasqueti  is a small island accessible by foot passenger ferry, private boat or plane.  The roads are unpaved and there is no electrical power. 

We stayed in a beautiful lake front cabin on 200 acres of virgin rain forest that is owned by our Coven sister Raven.  The lake is inhabited with frogs, small fish, the occasional otter, loons and geese. In the evening when the frogs begin singing, the music reverberates around the lake in a vortex of sound.

Raven and Rose created a Labyrinth of  beach stones a few years ago.  You may begin the winding walk with your mind filled with errant thoughts and un-grounded spirit, but  before long walking  the ancient pattern begins to unravel and sooth your soul. 

On Saturday evening after a ritual to honor the Croning of AponiSage and a feast of oysters, prawns and salmon we lit the entire Labyrinth with candles. Waxing Sister silver light caressed the swamp grasses laden with dew. With reverence we began the ancient dance, sparks of light to show the way. Chanting to Goddess, the sisters proceed, widdershins, widdershins, towards the source, towards the darkness we discard our skins, until at the Center rebirth begins.  Clothed anew in a cloak of grace we grow in the spiral the Goddess embrace. 

The Labyrinth Alight


Beltane Fun!

Sunday May 1,  2011 Waning Moon in Aries/Taurus

We have moved our gatherings back outside until Samhain.  It's always so exciting to be closer to Mother Gaia and all Her creatures during our outdoor rituals.  There's always something to see or hear if you pay close attention to what's happening around you.  Our Autumn Storm (who we believe is close kin to all Faerie Folk) was lucky enough to see "sparkles" in the trees, foliage and sky from the beginning of our spiral dance to darkfall.  What are the sparkles?  We've seen them before as a group and individually, and believe that the sparkles are the energetic traces of the faerie folk who can move much faster than the human eye can see.  We honor the Fey at Beltane with gifts that are placed upon their Altar.  We know that they appreciate our friendship, and are blessed with their presence during our outdoor Rituals.  That doesn't mean that they refrain from playing tricks on us!  Tools, offerings, books, pens, even lawn sprinklers have been moved, hidden or made invisible regularly. 

As part of our annual Beltane celebration we create crowns made with ivy, ribbons and flowers. The weather on the Island has been cool and damp this spring and we were worried that there wouldn't be enough flowers, so we all decided to bring as many as were in bloom from our gardens.  On Beltane Eve, the Coven streamed in, all dressed in their finest and all carrying armloads of flowers.  There was an abundance of fragrance and blooms, and for this we thank our Great Mother Gaia.

Our Beltane Ritual began with a Bel Fire Cauldron blessing that morphed into a spiral dance throughout the yard and ended at the Faerie Altar with gifts and blessings for the Fey.  We then moved to our beautiful Maypole and the traditional dance around it.  With mirth, reverence and joy the Coven danced and chanted around the pole, weaving the ribbons of red and white.  With ribbons we bound  Earth to the Sky,  Goddess to the God,  Coven sister to sister.  As Above, So Below!

Submitted by Rowan Morgana




What We're Doing

Pink Moon Esbat in April


In honor of the Full Pink Moon in April Rose decorated her beautiful Altar in pink with pearls and silver Goddess and God.  At the quarters we called forth flamingo,pink iguana, pink dolphin, and pig, all creatures who are pink.  In keeping with the theme, the Coven dressed in pink and we drank pink champagne for cakes and wine. 

Rose led us in a wonderful exercise to strengthen our commitment and love towards one another.  As we sat in a Circle we each in turn placed Rose's beautiful rhinestone tiara on our heads.  Then each Coven Coven member heard what the others loved the most about them.

This is our last indoor Ritual.  Beltane is almost here and we'll be moving outdoors.


 Dark Moon in Pisces Esbat – Water Scrying


Our Dark Moon in Pisces began with the Coven performing the Rite of the Quabalistic Cross, a moving meditation that brings us into the centre of our Universe. The mudras and chanting of the  Cross connect us to Deity, the Earth, our personal power, our control over our personal power and our acceptance of our personal karma. 

Autumn Storm was the presiding Priestess and she brought us further to the state of grounded centred attention with a short “Rock and Water” meditation. 

Once the Circle was Cast Autumn Storm led us in a meditation in preparation for water scrying, something that we’ve not done a lot of.  We each brought a small bowl adding drops of blue oil which is simply cooking oil with blue food colouring added to it.  We then filled the bowls  with equal amounts of Moon Water and well water. I must say the scrying went very well, with everyone “seeing” something in their bowls. 

Here’s a picture of the bowls:

After the Coven discussed our water visions we then raised a cone of power to send healing, soothing, energy to the peoples, plants, animals and water of Japan.

Ostara Egg Decorations

During our Ostara Sabbat we hand painted eggs with symbols of magick and nature. The idea is that the painted eggs would be placed upon our individual Altars each Ostara.  The eggs were made of paper mache and were pre-painted black by Willow our Presiding Priestess.   She brought us paints, brushes, ideas and  the confidence to dive in and begin painting. The eggs turned out beautifully, each one unique.    Crafting within a Cast Circle adds magickal "sparkle" to everything!  Submitted by Rowan Morgana 


Dark Moon Shadow Mask Esbat


During the Dark of the Moon in March we cast a Widdershins Circle and delved into our "shadow sides".  The Coven put on black half - masks and  soon discovered that it's very difficult to see clearly through the eye-holes of a mask. One's perception of reality becomes limited as if wearing blinders.  Hey!  Could that we part of the lesson?     It's very easy to see the mask on everyone else, but impossible to see one's own mask.  One could even begin to believe that the only masks worn are those masks upon the faces of others!  The point of the Dark Moon Widdershins Shadow Mask Esbat is to recognize, name and begin to understand our shadow selves. We accomplished this with an intense path-working meditation that revealed the name, symbol, nature and features of our primary shadow mask.  Armed with this knowledge we shall move forward towards assimilation of our shadow selves, during the next waning Moon when we will each begin decorating a paper mache mask to resemble the shadow mask revealed to us during our meditation.  Over the next months the decorated masks will be a focal points of meditation and contemplation to bring understanding of our darker aspects. Submitted by Rowan Morgana


                                                           Valentine's Day First Degree Initiation of Raven and Rose



 The Moon was in Cancer a time of overpowering love, love, love!  It was a rainy and windy night, the Moon hidden by lots of cloud cover.

Our beautiful Coven Sisters choose their Wiccan names at the start of the ceremony and we are pleased to welcome Rose and Raven as newly made First Degree Priestesses of Sacred Haven Coven.

Rowan Morgana (me) presided and was aided by Willow, AponiSage and Autumn Storm. 

Since 3 of the 4 High Priestesses are Water signs, emotions were rather intense during the Ritual.  Both the initiates and the fourth High Priestess are Air signs.  Lots of Water and Air; we were missing our two grounding Earth sign Sisters. One Earth has flown away to the sun for a winter break and the other was not invited as she will not attain First Degree for a few more months.  We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of the Initiation Ritual! 

As acting High Priestess, I really noticed the dynamics of all Water and Air.  I am Water and want to flow, but without the boundaries of earthen banks I tend to overflow in directions not intended. 

Rose:  I too noticed the dynamics of Water and Air.  After all of the emotion earlier, all Air seemed to break loose at the end of the ritual, and I know that I felt quite ungrounded in the following days.  The phrase "as light as Air" comes to mind.  I can hardly wait for our Myrna to have her turn! 

 Burning Brigit

    At Lammas we create corn mothers out of grass,straw, corn shucks or even raffia, each one is as unique      as the witch who made her. The corn mothers are blessed and consecrated at Lammas Sabbat then put away in the Temple until Imbolc.  

At Imbolc the corn mother's are taken home by each witch, dressed up as brides and are magically transformed  into the Goddess Brigit. They are then ceremoniously brought back into the Temple and given a place of prominence until the next Imbolc. 

To make way for the new Brigit's we must remove last year's Brigit's else we would soon have a Temple filled to the rafters with Brigits.  They are taken outside and burned while we chant and move around the fire. 

Willow:  Now is a good time to burn old herbs and spells. Not only do the herbs smell wonderful as the Brigits burn but you can dispose of items from spells that are done with harm to none.