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Ostara Sabbat



 March 20, 2023


Ostara is the solar festival that marks the transition from the dark to the light half of the year: day and night are of equal length. By Ostara, life is returning to the land in noticeable ways, and so nature demonstrates the festival's associations with revival and the ascendancy of light.

Appropriate herbs are celandine, cinquefoil, jasmine, rue, tansy, and violets. Acorns, crocuses, daffodils, dogwood, honeysuckle, irises and lilies can be used as decorations.


Spring Equinox

  By Ivy 

We celebrate the Spring Equinox
We gather our coven with care
We’ll cast the sacred circle with rocks-
though the earth is no longer bare.
We dance on green grass-
We praise the sky blue…
We thank the God/dess for what each has,
and dance in the morning dew.

We see the Mother’s soft tints
laid lightly on the earth,
though these are but little hints
of the wonders of rebirth.

We finish our Spring-time rites
and close the circle down,
knowing we have reached new heights
our love and joy abound.

I’ll honor the God/dess in my heart,
and always remember when-
merry we’d meet, merry we’d part,
and merry we’d meet again!