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About Sacred Haven Coven

Sacred Haven Coven has been alive for about 17 years now.   We started with three members who were burning to learn more about Wicca and Witchcraft.  We read and read, so many books, so many contradictions, each book, each author with a different “take” or flavor on the Craft.  Each author claiming to be the "authority".  It was very confusing until we had an epiphany!  We realized that if our rituals, magick, invocations and prayers felt right and worked for us, then we must be applying our knowledge correctly!  We kept what worked and threw out what didn't.       We gained confidence.

 Within a year more women came to us.  We developed lessons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Wicca, which we rework and refine to reflect our growing knowledge, and whenever we begin to teach new Coven Sisters. Each degree takes from 1 – 5 years to complete. We certainly don't claim to know everything, and are all still dedicated to learn more; we continue to study together and individually regardless of our rank or degree.

Over the years women have come and gone, and we bless them all with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Sixteen years is a very long time for a Coven to remain in existence.  Personality conflicts, power struggles, gossip, and personal alliances can cause the downfall of a Coven.  So far we've managed to avoid conflict by treating each other with the utmost respect.  Sacred Haven is a democracy, with everyone having an equal vote and all women are valued and heard.  We each preside at Sabbats and Esbats in turn.  Whoever is presiding at a ritual IS the High Priestess, regardless of her degree.  We also plan our Sabbat and Esbat schedule for the coming year including outings, crafts, and work that we want to do as a Coven.  

 At present we have 7 Coven Sisters and do not have the space to add any more people to our physical Coven.  However we may, in time, offer a few open Rituals.  – HPS Rowan Morgana