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Ostara Egg Color Correspondences

Red    New Life, Lust, Vitality, Sexuality, Color of the root chakra (energy center), color of the Mother Goddess, Strength, War, Heat, One of the traditional colors of May Pole ribbons

Orange    Color of the God, attraction, color of the navel chakra, summer

Yellow    Creativity, knowledge, Intellect, color of the solar plexus chakra

Green    Color of the Earth mother, fertility, prosperity, Color of the heart chakra, Earth

Blue    Healing, peace, meditation, astral projection, Color of the throat chakra, cold, air, Robin’s egg, spring, the Virgin Goddess, New life, the waxing year

Indigo    Past lives, healing, clairvoyance, Color of the forehead chakra (third eye)

Violet    Healing, tranquility, ending quarrels, Color of the crown chakra, ability to contact other intelligences

White    Purification, barrier against negativity, Color of the Virgin Goddess, good fortune, color of death and mourning (Eastern traditions), one of the traditional colors of May Pole ribbons

Black    Mystery, absorption, Color of the Crone Goddess, winter, color of death and mourning (western traditions)

Silver     The moon, Triple Goddess, psychicism, spirituality, water

Gold    The sun, the God, activity, money, fire

Brown    Autumn, animals, the waning year, Earth

Pink    Romantic love, peace, color used for both Ostara and Beltane

Turquoise    Spiritual knowledge

Red-violet    Hidden knowledge, color of Medieval occultists

Pale Green    A traditional color for Ostara

Pastels    Traditional Ostara colors since the Middle Ages

Submitted by: Willow

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