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About Rosemary


My name is Rosemary

I was born and raised in Ayrshire, Scotland and came to live in Canada in 1979 at the age of 22. Although Canada is my home, I am a proud Scot and still feel the power of that magical country beating in my heart. Life took the girl out of Scotland, but it can’t take Scotland out of this witch!!

I have explored Wicca and Shamanism as a Solitary for over 35 years and have recently joined Sacred Haven Coven. Many of my Coven Sisters have been dear friends of mine for years and have made my transition from Solitary to Coven Member very easy - they have all been welcoming and patient as I learn their ways of doing things.

We are the Wise Ones from Circles once broken,

We are the women with vision to heal.

Changing, reshaping, with power and wonder,

Our ancient, our old ways no longer concealed.


Blessed Be