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A Kitchen Witch Spell to Banish Negativity

For those of you who love to make kitchen magick, this recipe is for you!   It's a simple yet powerful spell that can be used to banish negative energies and promote harmony and understanding.

First, gather your ingredients:

- A pot or cauldron
- Water
- Salt
- Herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage)
- A black candle

Begin by filling your pot or cauldron with water and adding a pinch of salt. The water represents the element of emotions and the salt is for purification.

Next, add in a handful of rosemary for protection against negativity, thyme for courage and strength, and sage for wisdom and spiritual guidance. These herbs work together to create a powerful blend that will help dispel any harmful energy.

Light the black candle as you stir the mixture clockwise three times, visualizing the negative energy leaving your space and being replaced with positive and harmonious energy.

As you continue to stir, recite these words:

"By the power of the elements, I banish all negativity. Let peace and harmony reign in this place."

Repeat this incantation three times before extinguishing the candle.

Let the water sit for a few minutes before disposing of it outside or flushing it down the drain. This ritual can be repeated as often as needed to maintain a peaceful and positive environment.

Remember to always use caution when working with fire and handle any hot objects with care. Trust in your intentions and believe in the power of this spell to bring balance and harmony into your life.