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Beltane Prayers


We thank you Lord and Lady for the joys of Spring

For nurturing us within your hearts

For your light and love

For the whispers of your winds

The warmth of your fires

The cleansing of your waters

And the grounding of the earth

We thank you for the turning of the wheel

Bringing us light and bounty

The songs of the birds

The green of the fields

The scent of the flowers

As you nurture the earth and all that reside upon it

So we remember we too must nurture it

We ask for your loving guidance and knowledge

To help continue its life ,

So that we may always

Smell , taste , feel and sense its wonders


Blessed Be!

© Willow




Dear Lord and  Lady

We ask for your blessings

upon the seeds we have sown

Within the soil of our lives 

May the bounty they bring

Aid us in caring and sharing

And as you have nurtured us within your hearts

May we, too, nurture others

May you continue to guide us on our path

And bless our rites

We thank you for your love and light.

Blessed Be!

© Willow

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