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Achilles was the son of Thetis a powerful sea Goddess.  As a baby, Thetis tried to make Achilles immortal by dipping him in the sea while holding him by the heel.  Everywhere the sea water touched him became invulnerable, the only remaining weak spot was the heel Thetis held. In another myth Thetis dipped Achilles in the River Styx instead of the sea.  The term Achilles’ Heel indicates someone’s sole vulnerability.


Achilles was a handsome warrior who is brave, strong, reckless, passionate and impulsive.  On the dark side Achilles was known for his rage and his pride.  He could be self centered and merciless but is kind to those for whom He feels responsible. He is a master healer who can staunch wounds and bleeding.


Achilles was very close to his mother and his primary relationship was with his cousin Patroclus who was killed at Troy. In some myths Achilles married Medea after Patroclus’s death.  .


Agamemnon led the Greeks in the Trojan War to win back Helen for his brother.  Agamemnon antagonized Achilles to the point where Achilles decided to sit out the Trojan War. After his friend Patroclus was killed by Hector, Achilles joined the war and took revenge on Hector, killing him and then dishonoring the body by dragging it around tied to the back of a chariot for 9 days. Apparently the Gods kept the corpse in good condition until Hector’s father persuaded Achilles to return the body for proper funeral rites


Achilles is Master of the Black Sea.  He protects, guides and advises all who navigate its waters.  He may appear in dreams offering advise regarding healing or to even personally perform healing.


In Greek mythology Achilles is somewhere between human and deity, but upon His death he became a full-fledged Deity.  Achilles died at Troy when an arrow shot by Paris entered his vulnerable heel.


Achilles’ sacred island is the Snake Island in the Black Sea, off the coasts of Romania and Ukraine.  It was once called Achilles Isle and was the center of his worship.  Thetis brought the ashes of Achilles and Patroclus to a sanctuary on Snake Island that was filled with jewels and precious metals.  The ruins of the shrine were discovered in 1823 featuring an oracle tended by sea birds who cleaned the shrine with the water from their wings.


PLANT:  Yarrow


BIRDS:  Gulls and other sea birds


ALTAR:  Achilles loves company so add those He loves to His altar. A nautical theme with a vessel of salt water, miniature boats, mermaids and mermen.


OFFERINGS: Lavish offerings such as jewels, gold, silver, if you offer food make it a feast. Inadequate offerings will be met with silence.



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