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The Dance of Creation




Darkness – warm and dense.
Utter Silence.
A place before time:
a place of “what simply IS”,
a place before “what was” and “what may be”.

The darkness begins to move,
to breathe,
to take shape,
and to become dimly aware of itself.

Time, in a lazy and unconcerned form,
becomes aware as it moves forward.
No memories.
  No imagination.
  Simple existence.


Deep in the centre,
of all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be,
 a heart begins to beat.
With each beat, awareness grows,
and time, still in present tense, grows.

child-like and unattached
to expectations.
No dreams.
No regrets.
Only a growing sense of being.

And time passed,
always in the present
while moving from the past
towards the future.

Within The All,
the heart beats
and perception grows.
Moving constantly,
swirling patterns evolve
as the energy stretches and grows.
Consciousness comes and, with it,
awareness of what was
and of what may be.

And still time passes,
but now with the memory of what has been
and the growing expectation of what may yet come to be.

The All moves and stretches out
causing every particle of space,
every moment of time,
to be filled with light.

Moving and changing,
circling and swirling,
awareness grows,
becoming too great
 for the single Be-ing that it has become.

With the sound of laughter,
and with a joyous stretch in all directions,
the crystal shell that had contained The All
shatters into shining particles of brilliant light,
and the single Be-ing becomes two Be-ings,
 Each carrying within its centre a piece of the Other.

And thus were born The God and The Goddess
who joyfully dance through all time.

From the energy created by that dance
and through the great force of Their love for each other,
was our world created.
And from the energy of our world,
and the regenerative and reproductive drive of that energy,
were we created,
perfect reflections of Their love
for each other
and for us.

And so it is that we are we connected,
 one to another,
and each one  of us unto Them,
as we journey
through every time and
throughout each life-time,
until comes that time
when we do join with Them,
and continue within Them,
Their dance
For All Time.

 by AponiSage