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What is a Stang?

A Stang is a forked staff about shoulder height and in our tradition represents the Horned God Cernunnos in his aspects of protector, destroyer and life giver.


How do I Make a Stang?
Most Stangs are not actually made but rather found while out walking in the woods.  After a wind storm there will be many branches on the ground, simply take a walk after asking the God to help you on your quest.  It's perfectly acceptable to peel, hand sand, or trim your Stang until you feel it's just right for you.  If you don't find your Stang on your first attempt, don't be discouraged, the time was not right and your Stang was not ready to be found.  Try again and keep trying until your Stang appears. 


Stang Decorations

You may  decorate your Stang with necklaces of oak leaves, feathers, stones, beads etc. or you may carve sigils or Runes on your Stang. Generally a Stang is not painted however, the paint is thought to interfer with the natural energy flow.

Stang Herbs

Fennel:  corresponds to Dionysus. Powers of protection, healing and purification
Pine:  corresponds to Pan, Dionysus and Loki. Powers of healing, fertility, protection, exorcism and money
Ash:  corresponds to Poseidon. Powers of protection, prosperity, Sea Rituals, and health
Bay:  corresponds to Apollo. Powers of protection, psychic powers, healing, purification and strength
Cypress:  corresponds to Mithras and Apollo. Powers of longevity, healing, comfort and protection

Stang Ritual

When the Moon is full on a summers night and the forest beckons you near, with your Stang in hand and reverence in your heart, find a clearing in the woods.  Begin to chant softly the names of the Gods; "Pan, Poseidon, Dionysus, Cernunnos, Mithras, Loki, Apollo"  (or any other names of the God that you choose). Once you feel that you have raised sufficient energy (your Stang may feel warm, tingly or you may feel a vibration)  hold it up to the moonlight and say:

"Oh Great Horned God, I offer this humble tool as a sign of my love and honour. I ask that You bless this Stang that it may be a symbol of my covenant with You. May this Stang be a sign of my faith and allegiance to the Old Ways."

Take a few moments to commune with the Horned God, listen for any messages or insights He wishes to gift you with.

After you've made your way home with your newly Consecrated Stang be sure to place it where you will be able to feel the God Energy emanating from it.