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Spider Web Protection Meditation


This is a visualization I use to protect my home and all that is in it.

 First you need to ground and center yourself. Clear your mind of everything. Now visualize your house and a very, very large metal spider on your roof. This spider is your friend, guardian. There is no need to be afraid of her. Watch her as she begins to spin her web. Think of how the metal web protects your home from intruders. The Web encompasses your whole home.

 You can add things to your web if you wish, like crystals or amulets to help add protection. I have two spiders at my home a large one and a smaller one. When I say large I mean it is almost the size of my house. They work together to protect my home. For the first few nights I kept envisioning them there, and now I check on them every month and reinforce the web every now and again. I thank them for their protection and let them know how much I appreciate their protection.

 When I go camping I envision something similar, except over the whole campsite.


Submitted by Autumn Storm