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A Ride Down the River to a Silver Land

Into a bowl or water that has been dyed blue add a stone of your choice, a flower or herb of your choice and a lit floating candle.
Say silently or aloud:
“A flower to represent a journey of harvest
May I find nourishment”

“A stone to represent the path that lays before me
May I accept the destination”

“A flame to represent the fire of my Spirit
May I find what I truly desire”

Sit in a comfortable position to see your flame. Watch it’s movements. Feel it’s warmth. The flame is your spirit. Open a conversation with the flame to leave the critical voice behind. Let the journey begin with a pure you. 

Begin to imagine you are becoming the candle. The blue water is a river that begins your journey. Allow yourself to close your eyes as the flame works its magick. 

You are on a raft that rides the waters of Her womb. Here all is created. The waters edge is a silver land only few can walk upon. This land can offer you guidance and answers. Open yourself up to allow the messages to be heard. 

You see a woman standing waiting for your arrival as your raft docks. She is there to guide you through this land. Go with her. Be mindful of all your senses. Take as much time as you need on this journey.  

When you are ready conclude any conversations or activities and make your way back to your raft and return to the here and now.