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Raven's Prosperity Spell

Items needed:

Oak Moss essential oil
Small Green Candle

 Cast your Circle in the usual manner remembering to call on the four Quarters for protection.

Take the green candle and carve the rune Fehu into it.  

Anoint it with the oak moss oil  

Light the candle,  place it before you and chant thrice:


I am rich with the gifts of the earth, stability and longevity.
I am blessed by the presents of air, inspiration and communication.

I am wealthy with the offerings of fire, the spark of passion and spirit.
I am filled with the gifts of water, creativity and emotion.

I am rich beyond my dreams, wealthy and fabulously taken care of,
I am loved and cherished, good enough as I am.

The Goddess and God love me and will provide for me.  All is well in my world.
So Mote it be!


Meditate for a while envisioning what you want your life to look like.

 Dismiss the Quarters and open your Circle in the usual manner
Allow the candle to burn itself out.