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Ostara Altar Decorations


 There are many ways to display the symbols and   signs of spring . . . the following are some suggestions that can be used on an Ostara altar . . .

Try a pale green altar cloth layered over a pale blue or purple cloth to display spring colors

Add a God and Goddess statute to represent the balance between light and dark (you could use a white and a black candle or a sun and moon or even the yin/yang symbol instead).

Use candles in spring colors such as yellow or pink, pale purple or pale green.

Decorate with potted plants like new crocuses, daffodils, lilies or violets or a bouquet of tulips, showing the new growth of spring.

Add a rabbit, lamb or butterfly figurine and a basket or nest filled with decorated eggs symbolizing new life and change.

You could even have a small pot of soil with a container of seeds to represent the planting of seeds or new ideas.

You can make your altar as individual as you are and as creative as your imagination allows.

 . . . . . . Willow

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