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I, Witch

I, Witch


I am many things,

I am a Daughter, a Lover, and a Friend.

I am a Teacher, a Student, and a Woman.

I am many things,

Wear many costumes,

And act in many ways.

Yet, beneath each mask I wear,

I am a Witch.

I am a Priestess.

I follow the Path.

I follow the Old Tradition.

           I follow the Ways of the Wise Ones.

I seek to know the God.

I seek to know the Goddess.

I seek to know myself -

I am a Witch.

Though I may only dress up

For eight Sabbats a year,

And Thirteen Esbats in turn,

I am always a Witch.

Though I may not always dress in black,

Or leave my hair wild and free,

I am still a Witch.

I do not worship Satan -

I've never met him,

Yet many see me as evil,

And Magick as a sin.

I do what comes natural,

What the Gods have taught me,

And although it does not conform,

I am still a Witch.

The Goddess shows me beauty,

The God has shown me life,

And Earth, and Air,

And Fire, and Water,

Teach me what is right.

And Spirit, in its mystic ways,

Teaches me about myself....

That I am a Witch.

Lady Amhranai

submitted by Sage