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Imbolc Crafts

Traditional   Brigit's Cross                                 

Gather together:
3 dozen wheat straws, grasses, reeds, or rushes which are the same length
String for tying ends
A clothespin for holding the centre of the weaving together while working (optional)

Soak your weaving materials in hot water about thirty minutes or until they are flexible.  Various materials may require longer soaking times.  Remove the straws from the water and wrap them in a damp cloth to keep them flexible while weaving.

Imagine the face of a clock measuring the year of time. Place one straw vertically pointing towards 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.  Fold a second straw in half around the centre of the first pointing towards 3 o'clock. Fold the next straw in half and place it over the second straw pointing towards 6 o'clock.  Fold the next straw over straw one and three pointing towards 9 o'clock.  Continue to work in a circular pattern of folded straws, progressing outward, carefully weaving straws side-by-side.  Tighten straws and re-position to fill in gaps when needed.

As you move around the circular pattern, meditate on the progression of the woven events in the seasons of your life, past and present. Visualize what you desire to manifest in the coming year as each straw weaves a dream for the future.

When at least 28 straws have been woven for the centre of the cross, tie off each arm of the cross, leaving about 3 inches of straw to create the arm.  Trim ends evenly.

Source: Chalice Center
Submitted by Rowan Morgana

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