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Beltane Meditations

Beltane Meditation


Beltane brings us to the point on The Wheel where the light is now strong enough and bright enough to begin to reach into all of the corners of our lives.  The energy that we felt ignited at Ostara, as the light came into balance with the dark, now takes on a feeling of expansiveness.  We feel ourselves stretching and reaching towards the light as we become attuned to the lushness of nature that is exploding all around us with new growth.  Like the season, our senses unfurl as we joyfully stretch and turn our faces towards the sun.

Go deep within yourself and settle into your sacred place.  Breathe quietly and allow any thoughts or cares that you may be feeling to float away on each exhale.  Allow yourself to feel calm and nurtured.  Let everything go and rest quietly in this safe place that you have created.

Imagine that you have found yourself to be in your favourite forest.  This may be a place that you have seen or it may be a place that you have created within yourself.  Feel yourself walking along a path.  There are no sounds from the outside world to interfere with the birdsong and the soft rustle of the leaves as they dance in the spring breezes.  As you look about, you see that the leaves on the trees are all shiny and new and wearing many different shades of green.  The ground around you is soft with lush moss and sprinkled about with bright wild flowers that are beginning to show their happy little faces.  Who knows – they might even be Faeries in disguise!  As the spring breezes touch your face, you inhale deeply of the rich, moist, earthy springtime smell that it brings. You turn your face up towards the sun and smile to yourself.  Could the sound that you thought was the leaves rustling in the breeze really be the sound of Faerie laughter?

With a lighter step and a joyful feeling of anticipation, you continue on through the forest.  Eventually, you find yourself drawn towards one spot, where there are several thick bushes grouped together by a stream.  The sound of the water, as it sparkles and flows over the rocks on its way towards the ocean, is bright and tinkles like little bells in the sunshine.

You kneel down by the stream and put your hand into it, feeling the water between your fingers. As you move your hand back and forth through the water, you imagine what it would feel like to have it washing over your entire body, dissolving anything that is not needed for the growth that will be encouraged this spring and summer. You see yourself, stepping out of the water, all shiny and new, like the spring season.

Taking your hand out of the water, you dry it off on the moss and begin to stand up. As you do, you look around and something catches your eye.  Are the branches of those bushes moving, or is it your imagination?

You would not want to frighten any small creature that may be there, so you move very slowly towards them.  Stopping a few feet away, you look deeply into the centre of them and there you see two eyes looking back at you.  The eyes are in a face that is entirely made out of leaves, and that face smiles back at you from the bushes.

Stand quietly and gaze into those eyes.

Over the next few weeks, as the light continues to grow stronger, what are you going to nurture in the garden of your life.  What inspirational seeds are you going to plant there?  How are you going to fertilize them and encourage them to grow?

Open your heart and listen to the wisdom that The Greenman has to offer to you today.


When your communication is finished, thank The Greenman and slowly retrace your steps until you are back where you began this visualization.

Take some deep cleansing and grounding breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Blessed Beltane.

© AponiSage

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