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Beltane Crafts

Beltane Ivy Floral Crowns


Cut 36" lengths of ivy and fashion them into a circle that fits your head size.  Weave the ivy around and around itself then fasten with a length of ribbon.


Attach lengths of ribbon to the sides and back of your ivy crown.

Just before you are going to be wearing your crown add the fresh flowers by weaving the stems into the ivy.

Ivy crowns may be made a day before they are needed, simply mist them with water and keep in a cool shady place until needed.

Rowan Wood Faerie Viewing Wands

Have you ever wished that you could see a Faerie? Animals can see the Fey folk clearly, but we humans are lucky to catch a fleeting glimpse of them out of the corner of our eye.  It is said that  looking through a loop made with a Rowan twig may cause Faerie sight.  The best times for seeing Faeries is twilight, midnight, noon and the hour before sunrise. If you see a Faerie be sure to look at her steadily, if you look aside she will disappear.

             Items Needed:

  • Rowan twig (or any other available green branch) about 20" long
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Charms
  • Thread
  • Glue Gun
  • Moss

Find a nice thin rowan (mountain ash) branch.  Be sure to ask the tree's permission to cut the branch, and leave the tree spirit an offering. 




Make a loop being careful not to break the branch.




Tie the loop with wire.




Trim the overlapping end of the twig.




Using a glue gun glue the moss over the wire. Tie on ribbons, beads etc. and you're done!

Created by Rowan Morgana

Fresh Herb Wreath

A wreath decorated with fresh herbs takes only minutes to make if you use a loosely woven cane wreath.  Simply gather a selection of fresh herbs and thread their stalks into the wreath.   There's no need to glue or wire them into position.  Add a matching ribbon to hand the wreath.  When the herbs die, replace them with another arrangement of green foliage.