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ORIGIN:  Baltic

 The beautiful princess Amberella fell in love with the Prince of the Sea and joined him in his underwater palace, abandoning Her human life for immortality.  Sometimes She misses her old life, though, and has regrets.  When She does She leaves gifts of amber for those She left behind.

 Another version of Her myth suggests that She was no human princess but the daughter of Perkunas, the Thunder Lord.  He did not approve of Her eloping with a sea spirit and sent a thunderbolt crashing down, destroying the prince’s castle, constructed from amber.  Bits of that palace are still washing ashore. Although amber is the product of trees, it was also associated with the sea because it was often found on the shore tossed up by waves.

 In another legend, Amberella is not a princess but the beautiful daughter of a poor fisherman, abducted by the Prince of the Sea.  When She begs to see Her family one last time, he carries her up to the surface of the waters, but will not permit Her to come closer.  All She can do is throw amber to shore to demonstrate Her love.  Now, whenever Her husband causes tempestuous, destructive waves She signals Her compassion and sympathy through gifts of amber.

 MANIFESTATION:  Amberella may have legs or a mermaid’s tail.  She wears an amber crown and is bedecked with amber jewelry.

 ALTAR:  Place amber jewelry on an altar dedicated to Amberella, requesting Her blessings before you wear it.  Decorate Her Altar with sea treasures (shells, sea glass, small stones) as well as images of mermaids and sea creatures. 

 PETITION AMBERELLA FOR:  Assistance with love (especially forbidden love), fertility, pregnancy, and relief from poverty.

 From The Encyclopedia of Spirits – Judika Illes