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A Charm to Keep a Cat from Straying

From the Crone’s Book of Charms & Spells

  To win the faith and affection of a cat, her dignity and over-weening wit   notwithstanding, you must please her and make her smile.  Your way of charming must amuse and entertain her while it takes her fancy and so claims her.  Therefore, dry for some days in a clean white bowl thirteen leaves of good unblemished catnip – none that has been broken or trodden, or neglected among weeds, but for preference that which you have planted in a decent corner of the garden – for her pleasure.  When the leaves are dry, crush them to powder with a silver spoon, and mix them into a spoonful of fat from some fine hen or duck or goose, stirred smooth. Let it rest for an hour or so.  Meanwhile, invite the cat to sit upon a table in your kitchen. Set before her a small dish of cream, a few ounces of cooked fish, and a morsel of raw beef, and while she eats them say this to her:

Grimalkin Grimalkin 
Feasted in my kitchen
There shalt thou stay
Nor from it care to stray.

When she has finished, stroke her back thrice and collect the hairs of fur that cling to your hand.  Fold them up in a paper, and put them in a safe place.  Then, kneeling on the floor and holding the cat, anoint her paws with the mixture of fat and catnip.  Carry her to your door and set her free then; she shall soon wash her paws with relish and laughter, and her good humour thereafter compliments your deed.  Next take the paper in which her fur is folded, and write upon it those same words, which were said over her feasting.  Seal it up with wax and a seal, and keep it hidden somewhere so she may not find it, thus to bind her in secrecy as well as openly by her consent.

Submitted by Rowan Morgana