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A Charm for Safe Travel

Materials Needed:

1 Yellow Candle
Rowan Sticks & Red Thread
Small piece of Amethyst
8X8 Square of Purple or Blue Fabric 




Light the candle and place the fabric square in front of it with a corner towards the candle so it looks like a diamond.

Sprinkle the Birch in the center of the fabric and say:

As I start in a new direction
I call on birch for strenght and protection
Whichever way I point my car
Please keep me safe, near and far. 

Sprinkle the Bladderwrak next and say:

In the air or on the sea
Bladderwrack take care of me
Keep me safe, keep me dry
Whether I'm in a boat, or if I fly.

Sprinkle the Lavender next and say: 

Protective herb, I call on You
Lend Your power and imbue
Our travels with Your safe embrace
As we go from place to place.

Sprinkle the Mugwort next and say:

Light my path and guard my step,
So that I am ever safely kept
Where I walk, keep me safe
Even in the darkest place.

Sprinkle the Chamomile next and say:

Herb of fortune, hear my plea
Lend Your good luck, now to me
Smile on us whereever we go
Keep us far from harm and woe.

Sprinkle the Comfrey next and say:

As I travel far away,
I ask that Comfrey keep all harm at bay
Let me return safe and sound
By sea and sun, sky and ground.

Sprinkle the Mint next and say:

Spirit of this plant I pray,
Keep me healthy when I travel away.
Protect me from diseases please
So that I may travel with the greatest of ease.

Rowan Cross:  Take two pieces of Rowan twigs and make them into a cross weaving the red thread around it.

Place the Rowan Cross in the centre of the herbs and say:

Rowan Cross please keep me safe
As I travel from place to place.

Place the Amethyst stone on top of the herbs and say:

With Amethyst I set the spell
So all travels shall go well.
So stress and problems cannot call,
And your powers aid us, one and all.

Tie the top and bottom corners of the fabric square and say:

From North to South I seal the spell.

Tie the two remaining corners and say:

From West to East, it's sealed as well
To all who travel now with me
Grant us your great security
Protect us all, while we're away,
By Moon of night and Sun of day.


So Mote it Be!

Leave the bag in front of the candle until it burns out.  Carry while travelling.

© Raven Submitted December 9, 2011