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Yule Meditation

From the beginning of time humans have gathered together to witness the rebirth of the Divine Child of Promise, the newborn Sun, who will bring light and hope into the world. 

 As we begin this meditation, you may, if you feel comfortable, close your eyes.


 Empty your mind of all thoughts and cares.  Feel your body become relaxed.

 Breathe gently in….and out…and find the rhythm of your breath….

 Move comfortably with it.  Relaxing into the darkness behind your closed eyes, and the gentleness of your breathing.

  As you continue to breath, become more and more aware of the darkness behind your closed eyes.  Look out into that darkness….

 You find yourself in the inky blackness of space.  It feels completely natural, floating out among the planets.  You can see galaxies around you, swirling bright colours against the dark canvas of the sky.  The Milky Way is before you, a cascade of millions of stars, placed in the sky as if crafted by the stroke of a master’s brush.  Your body is weightless and comfortable.  You are completely at ease, one with the universe.  You can see the blueness of Earth, its gray moon, red Mars, orange Saturn, and all the other planets of our solar system.

 As you float, you notice a collection of stars in the distance.  Watching, you perceive a pattern among the dots of light.  It appears to be a figure of a woman.  You can clearly see the stars that make up the mound of her pregnant belly and her full breasts.  Following their line, you find the outline of her head.  It is pulled back, with an expression of pain – or is it ecstasy? – on Her dark face.

 Looking closer, you can make out Her arms.  They are reaching down to grasp what must be Her knees, forcing Her legs wide open.

 There, between them, is Her exposed vulva, open wide to the Universe.

 As you watch, the outline becomes clearer.

 The Star Goddess, Her dark form even blacker than the night sky, moves before you in the throes of labour.  The stars that make up Her body ripple with each contraction and with each breath that She takes.

  You find yourself breathing with Her, using your own will to help Her push.

 As Her mouth opens wide, you can almost feel the contractions within your own womb.

 As She labours through the next contraction, a sliver of light appears between Her legs.  She arches Her back, forcing the life to come forth from Her body.

 The light grows in intensity.  She is panting from the effort, Her belly rippling, Her knees shaking as she strains against the contractions of Her own body.

 You see Her take another breath and bear down.

 The light emerging from Her womb grows brighter….and brighter….and brighter…coming forth from the night Mother….the birth of a sun.

 She lies back, satisfied with Her accomplishment.  There, before you, is the brightness of the new sun.  She gathers it to rest upon Her bosom.

 The outline of Her body begins to fade, merging back into the sky.  The sun continues to shine before you.

 Rejoice, beautiful Sisters, for the Child of Light is born.  

 The Wheel of the Year is now turning towards the Light.

 Rejoice!  The Sun is Born!

 Give welcome to the Sun Child!  And give blessings to the Lady of the night sky!

 If you listen, you may hear Her voice across the space, whispering to you.


 It is time to return.

 Take three deep cleansing breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth.

 Coming fully back into this time and this place…..

 Take another couple of cleansing breaths, and, when you are ready, open your eyes.

Source unknown, edited by Selah AponiSage