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Happy I found you, a place to feel safe. Hope to learn from all. Blessed Be.

Merry Meet - Greetings from New Zealand - THANK YOU for this wonderful website. I can easily see that a lot of love and dedication has gone into this website. It's nice to see what resources you have and your devotion to our Maiden,Mother,Crone - In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust - Blessed Be

Hello and Merry Meet - I believe I have overlooked my connections for the first 40 years of my life until I meditated upon the fact that my firstborn daughter is a gifted and connected spirit at 12 years. Her knowledge and connection to our mother and the cycles of woman made me wade through the muddy waters of other teaching and trauma to realize myself. My 12 year wise daughter is my saviour and teacher and I want us to continue along this path of realization. We live in Parksville and would be grateful for mentorship and knowledge. Peace, love, empathy always.

Happy to know there is a coven on Vancouver Island. Am new to the Craft, although have had a longtime fascination and interest. It took my retirement from the work-a-day life to really immerse myself in witchcraft and Wicca and I am loving everything about it. Has made life more peaceful, serene, and all encompassing. Have bookmarked this site so I can return and visit again and again!

Hello, it is nice to have found you - I am in Nanaimo and looking for connection to other like minded people - thank you for providing this space. I would be interested in knowing more about the training you provide. Light and love to you xxx

Thank you I would love to follow and learn more. Blessed Be

I stumbled upon your site by "accident" (We all know it was no accident) ;) I also "accidentally" stumbled upon Morganas Etsy page with her book of shadows prints. I have always been interested in everything Wicca, but now am finally coming into my awakening in my 33rd year. I was also pretty excited to find out you guys are central island! I live in the Oceanside area as well. :) It gives me peace knowing there are wonderful people such as yourselves in my own back yard. It gives me some sort of hope for humanity.

Love your site, thank you for all the wonderful information.

I am honored to be part of this. Blessed Be, my Soul~Sisters)0(. I have been on my path since I was a child. I am a natural healer, Wiccan. I did not grow up in a loving family like most of you I’m sure. I did put the “fun” in dis fun tional lol. I got my humor from my mom before she lost her mind. I was guided and protected by my Wiccan ancestors. We are here to learn and to teach. Thank you for the opportunity To learn.

I found my path at a very young age while attending Parochial. It never sat right with me. I recently reconnected with one of my teachers and he said he knew. He just always hoped the other kids weren’t paying attention to the books I was reading.
I am mostly solitary but have attended gatherings when I could find them. I truly enjoy the family atmosphere of a Circle and hope to find my own one day.

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