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Love your site, thank you for all the wonderful information.

I am honored to be part of this. Blessed Be, my Soul~Sisters)0(. I have been on my path since I was a child. I am a natural healer, Wiccan. I did not grow up in a loving family like most of you I’m sure. I did put the “fun” in dis fun tional lol. I got my humor from my mom before she lost her mind. I was guided and protected by my Wiccan ancestors. We are here to learn and to teach. Thank you for the opportunity To learn.

I found my path at a very young age while attending Parochial. It never sat right with me. I recently reconnected with one of my teachers and he said he knew. He just always hoped the other kids weren’t paying attention to the books I was reading.
I am mostly solitary but have attended gatherings when I could find them. I truly enjoy the family atmosphere of a Circle and hope to find my own one day.

Hi I love this site ! I’m always looking for information on the gods and goddesses for my daily practice ! I’m interested in Kairos also it’s tough to find invocations to him if you ever do it would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you for creating this valuable and local source of wisdom. I was researching sacred trees on Vancouver island to acknowledge and activate the trees on my property and I found EXACTLY what I sought, here on your site. Thank you!

After moving I discovered a large pile of wood on my property and Beltane kind of crept up on me and I think my new home was prepared for me in a way. The weather suddenly cleared after being rain and oddly enough snow. Tonight I will have a nice gathering with close friends and break out some mead that I made. Anyway thats how i discovered your site as im up before the dawn.

Hello!! Im a baby witch just starting my path, I might either go down the eclectic or green path. I found your website while doing research on Beltane! I love how you guys add so much info. Its really interesting to read. I'll definitely continue to use this website for future info for my book of shadows!!! Thank you so much!!! :)

Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at
a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless,
I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

Thank you for creating this website. I have found many good things and have been studying Aphrodite. I came here seeking her wisdom and facts, and I found something beyond that. Love this site. Blessed be.

Lovely site. Love the music, love the energy.

I live in Victoria, B.C. on beautiful, powerful Vancouver Island. As a solitary worshipper of the goddess, you brought her feeling to me...Thankyou so much...Blessings love, and light.....

Bran Aldwyn...(Raven Protector)

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