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Cheyenne Wolf


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Yearning breaths slips through the cracks of my being

Everything stills to the sound of the question: who am I

Suspended in the downy void of existence I recall

I echo in my soul the eternity of woman and her grace through adversity

Armored in her resolution and cloaked in her compassion for all things

Maiden, Mother, Crone - Many faces, yet, one soul

Wondering in awe of the connection to all that came before and all that shall be

Intricacies that Mother Nature placed before me as gifts to be unwrapped

Cradled in the magic and mischief that surrounds my tenuous existence

Compassion that bleeds forth from a place of my remembering

Aroused with the suspicion that I am but a guest upon this sphere

Never forgetting to love myself, my fellow humans, animals, flora, fauna, and the future...

~Cheryl Martel Hardin~



Merry Meet,

My name is Cheyenne Wolf, I am a Third-Degree High Priestess/Crone and I am one of the original members.


 I have been living, breathing and walking the Path of the  Wicca for approximately 30 years.

The first time I was ever called a “Witch”.…I was six.

 I am Thankful, Grateful and Blessed to be part of a Coven of Spiritual Beings having a Human experience together..... as a Sisterhood, 

 for our "Highest Good".

 I  enjoy a Nature based lifestyle,  aspiring to live in the moment.....with Positive Intentions & Harm to None, Blessed Be 




    Until we Merry Meet Again,

   Blessings to All, Cheyenne  


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